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Saturday, September 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, September 01, 2001
From: Snow :
Shame to us

A good many popular languages has their UNICODE so that the peoples who speak those languages can easily use their own language in computer. But we are proud (?) that we don't have any UNICODE for Bangla, we even don't have any standard keyboard lay out. Although we have some softwares that provide us a type of Bangla writing facility by replacing the visual appearance of the main English character. 'Jeno - dudher shadh ghole metano'. That cause so many problems in reading, writing and communicating.. everybody, who use them, knows. Recently I came to know from a Bangla magazine that India is preparing to apply to the UNICODE CONSORTIUM for registration of Bangla character set. But thats not a good news for us as that character set will be according to Bangla of Calcutta, NOT like Bangla of Bangladesh although being the main land for Bangla speaking peoples. Matter of shame indeed.

Although this is our governments job to apply for registration of a standardized character set to the UNICODE CONSORTIUM, but as our leaders dont really have any headache about it, And as b2k forum is one of the largest Bangla community, I like to draw all the friends' attention here by. Is there anything that B2k can do as an initiative ? .. To save our mother language in technology for our next generation ?

People Discussion
(Saturday, September 01, 2001)

shame khali.. aajkal bangalir shame chara aar kichu ache naki.. shame e shame e ekhon ar gaye lagena kichu..

(Saturday, September 01, 2001)

B2K er nijer chakai ghure na se abar ki korbe? Tobe B2K k ei jonno dhonnobad dicchi je se ontopokkhe amader k ei somosto bisoy gulo somporkhe amader moner khob gulo prokash korar ekta jaiga kore diyechen abong amader ei khob dekhe hoyto kew egiyeow ashte paren. Dhonnobad writer kew je uni BB te ei rokom guruttopurno ekta bishoy tule dhorechen.

(Saturday, September 01, 2001)

snow, thanx for bringing out this topic.
How could our leaders have any headache about it, i m quite sure they dont have know what this means....
i dont know which bangla magazine u r talking about but few months earlier India applied for the that set u would find some peculiar letters...some r used by the asamies...and the most funny thing is, there is no "khondo too"( i m not sure if i m right)...the "to" we use for "hotat"...
I know very little about it, but if b2k takes any step i would definately like to be with them.

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