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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, August 15, 2004
From: cuty
BATA shoe stores

Virus (shoe shop assistant)

Ms.Shuhena (customer)

Virus: Can I push now?

Ms.Shuhena: yes, ok!

Virus:Is it tight?

Ms.Shuhena: ooohh, yes!

Virus: Is it painful?

Ms.Shuhena: yesssss!#loudly#

Virus: shall I push it more?

Ms.Shuhena: No thanks , I'd rather, you give me the next shoe size up ...

Image Code: 13-003

People Discussion
(Sunday, August 15, 2004)

(Sunday, August 15, 2004)

Sisi re Afuni tui kita likhsos .. Allah #nuts#

(Sunday, August 15, 2004)

...bubu... ...beshi joss..Image Code: 03-017...

(Sunday, August 15, 2004)

Heard it b4 in different way .. ..
Image Code: 09-016

(Sunday, August 15, 2004)

nice one cuty moni

(Sunday, August 15, 2004)

shundor hoyeche cuty sis

(Monday, August 16, 2004)

Virus (shoe shop assistant)
Ms.Shuhena (customer)

Onnor Hoiye Ase Cuty Picchi

(Monday, August 16, 2004)

hahahah Apuuuuu

(Monday, August 16, 2004)

hahahaha Apuuu

(Monday, August 16, 2004)

Image Code: 03-003 ami to kissui boji nai toi shobai haste se tai ami o haslam.....Image Code: 03-003 Image Code: 03-003

(Monday, August 16, 2004)

(Monday, August 16, 2004)

.... hay re... tole tole eto kichu????

Rony Salman
(Monday, August 16, 2004)

The subject of shoe store and the introduction of Virus and Shuhena as salesman and customer at the beginning helped pulling string on my wild imagination and stopping from going wayward ....On second though, wouldn't that have been nice if ...(oh ok, I will take a break here...)

(Tuesday, August 17, 2004)

rony dada, on seconds thoughts...>???? spill it out, me want to hear it Image Code: 13-003

Rony Salman
(Tuesday, August 17, 2004)

Cuty, since you asked for the 2nd thought, here it is...Wouldn't it have been a lusciously (lol) exciting event if the introduction of the store, salesman and the lady customer and the last line of Shuhena weren't there....Instead, would it hurt (lol!!) much if she just said in the last line, No thanks , I'd rather, you give me the big size up .... Hey Hey don't frown at me, I sincerely had no intention of spilling that out...

(Tuesday, August 17, 2004)

Cuty'r tulona cuty sara r karo hoi na !!!

Ghoomea ache supto protiva(Bashona) shob manusher ontore!!!

Could u plz tell one thing, did the customer knew Ayat-ul-kursi for her safety???

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