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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, August 14, 2004
From: keui-noy
BirthDay Girl


wonder where to start nn sesh rr karr kotha bolboo!!!!hmmmmmmm itzzzz she who the one who gave her all strength to faces the love instead of disrespectin' nnn hatred to girls/some special people make favourite memories nn much too special to forget rr any time's the perfect time to think offff her!!!!!!!!!!!

opssssss still haven't told the person behind all memories. hmmmmmmmm she's "Durrah"(she's kinda no no she ain't) nnn today's her Birthday. just wanna tell "happiness today tomorrow nn always(na na always naa )"

People Discussion
(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

I do dislike this bangla site. I have been trying last two hours with my oldy nick Lutpat and Jaruk to get access and it is keep telling invalid. It is not even allowing me to get in the chat room. I stopped coming in this site because of baia and some moderator. Oneday one of moderator kicked me out and since then i do not come here anymore. I am using baiar ID to copy his messages for Tania Apu. A warm wish from me too Tania Apu.

(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

What is wrong with this bangla site. It is not allowing me too send messages. As i get chance i have a complain to Lamia Apu too. Did you forget me Apu. I want to go to your State Apu and i might need some favor. Baia already told you about my friend and that is the reason to go to L.A. Apu. If you get chance give me a call and i will tell you something about baiar stubbornes. Apu i remember oneday you thought me baia and start talking. Asole most of baiar friends do this mistake. All of you have a wonderful day and this bangla site is really pathetic.

(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

Happy Birthday to Durrah aapu

(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

haapy birthday dur-ho jeee

(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

Birthday wish 2 u

(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

issshh kotttoodin durrah apur shathe kotha hoy na aage koto adda merechi...
Happy Birthday Apu

(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

happy birthday

(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

...heffy badde bebbi.... ...boyosh ki komlo na barlo...#06-017

(Saturday, August 14, 2004)

HAppy B/Day Dhurrah ji ..
Image Code: 09-016

(Sunday, August 15, 2004)

kar bady ta i ciliar na
jai hok tar bday jani suker hoi
thuri heffy hoi
shobai beshi beshi cake khak
ar fani khak

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