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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, August 09, 2004
From: Anonymous
~~~~!!!~~~~ why wasss I chosennn?.................~~~~!!!~~~~

loneliness is always lookin' for me nnnn it found me once nnn it has been around since then loneliness is never waitin' by the door buttt itttttttt sweeps right through nnn this fuken thin' 'll never be ignored. wonder wonder why why was I chosen? why 'm I left without?...............

knew the love of my fuken life, the odrissho chaya that I need the love that they say is in life for free the love of dreams nn the love that I want but loneliness knows me by name.........loneliness knows everythin' I keep inside my endless thoughts in the silence of the night nnnnn loneliness is the one who made me seen nn itzzzz nobody else who can make a change but me but me!!!!!!!!!!

"wonder wonder(still) why why why was I chosen? nnn why am I left without?"(odrissho chaya whispered, less is more nnn that would be the vacant space nn the cried out tears nnn itzzz never a endin' maze where I 've found what only loneliness provides a strength within knowin' within knowin' nn I 'll find outtt ----------)

kintu ------------------------------------------------------------------------

People Discussion
(Monday, August 09, 2004)

hmmmmmmmm jani na jani naaa odrissho chayar pechone chuta hobe kina?(every times bastard flies feel like the last day nn therezzz a surprise waitin' out there in the boshti which bastard don know)hobe kina odrissho chayar haat dhore oi nodir tir-e boshte jekhane dekha jabe shada gangchil-ra ure jacche/hobe kina ure asha obaddho hair-er ghran neya?/athoba sour yogurt-er ghran neya athoba ----------------

cazzz see my shadow in an empty street nnn 'm no longer in the crowd(was I ever in the crowd?) instead bein' swept away in a flood. I 'm bein' swept away fast out into the deep blue sea. now 've to breathe soon or it 'll be the death of me nnn the way I see "lavida es putaa nn entonces mata esoo"

(Monday, August 09, 2004)

You are gifted to be choosen lolz. Where are you flying this time.
Jibon jiboner moto anondo bedonay vora. Amader sodo jante hoy anondota k kore newa jay. Bedona nah thakle o jibon k excite mone hoyna. Shybal tarmane noy bedona k akre thaka. Safe journey where ever you fly.

(Monday, August 09, 2004)

fut SOB moira za b2k sante paibo ami milad demo

misty meye
(Monday, August 09, 2004)

tum bin jiya jaaye keise...keise jiya jaaye tum bin...sadiyo se lambi hai raat-e...sadiyo se lambi huya din...aajao lout kaar tum...yeh dil keh raha hai...oooo......

misty meye
(Monday, August 09, 2004)

i am not capable to say anything...shybal take a very good care of yourself & chill out......

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