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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, August 07, 2004
From: Arman Amin
Sorry to alll thats my fault....

It's me( -Asian-) a wellknown(negative sence) and
famous(-Ve) Bad (Very bad) chatter of B2k. I dont know
what happend to me when i join to chat in B2k...
I did many bad things and also publish some bad and
ofcourse dirty ill Buletins in the Bulletin board
which makes the Bulletin board Opobitro and also hurt
some innocent (not all of them) chatters. Most of my
friends in b2k wanrned me to do those bad things but
at that time i dont care any of their request... so i
m not a good friend also.
As a muslim its very bad to call bad names.....and
spread rumours. So, i might be punished after death by
Almighty Allah for doing that bad things if u all dont
perdon me.
So, I m sorry(very sorry) to u all for my past
behavior.If anyone have some extra demand please feel
free to inform me.
I cant read any posting and coments of the bulletin its better for me...if u mail me, if u
dont have any problem to do so.
My email address (
Thank u all for reading my posting.
N.B Actually as a person i m not that much bad(Not
self certified) but as a chatter i m very bad. Only
God knows what happened to me while i m in

People Discussion
(Saturday, August 07, 2004)

thanks...tumi je vuuul bujte parchho..aaita to kom na.tachhara ekhon tumi ichha korle e valoo chatter hote time kichhu likhar aage obossoi chinta korbe je likhata thik hochhe kina???karo prorochonai kichhu kora uchit noi.God bless you.

(Saturday, August 07, 2004)

Thank You.

(Saturday, August 07, 2004)

asian , bhalo kotha nijer bhul bujhte perecho :) kintu kotha gula ki mone thakbe naki kichudin por abar start korba ager moto ????

(Saturday, August 07, 2004)

(Sunday, August 08, 2004)

hashbo na...hashbo na kore'O....tomar hashi dekhe hashi peye gelo ~~Gemini~~

(Sunday, August 08, 2004)

Aunto bhaiya hahahaha
amar eshob dhong dekhle khubbiii hashi pae!
Whaatta moron!
What u think asian?
Tomar ei postin dekhe ami pura godo godo hoye jabo??
Sorry i aint that type
If u wanna proceed with more of ur are welcome
You have my full permission...and i dont know kar kothae nachchile...but lemme tell u one aint gonna help ya in any ways! Tader kichuy hobe na...u'll be the only one who'z gonna end up screwed..which, am sure you know by now

(Tuesday, August 10, 2004)

(Thursday, August 12, 2004)

....thanx asian...finally u cud realise ur misstake...plz gem doss..if possible forgive him... ,,n its a request to all...when sumbody is repentent...plz help him so dat he can overcun his laughting... ....manush manusher jonne...don forget dat.... ...asian...hope ull b very decent from now onward... ... r 2mio mone rekho j...shobai kintu tomake bare bare shujog prove urself while u get once...take care....

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