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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, August 30, 2001
From: april
Ami voy pelam

ami voy peyeshi :(

shongsoptok tumi kothay,dhekho amake meghwabati apu voy dhekhay .tumi asho to meghwabati apu ke ekta jore dhomok dao to

People Discussion
(Thursday, August 30, 2001)

oh lord ! how did it come two times?

(Thursday, August 30, 2001)

ahalaaaaaaaaaaa, ki abdar raaaaaa!!!!!!!oiiiiiii chup karoooooo n boba kanna kadhta hoba naaaaaa.........amora mila Shongshoptok ka mera felashiiiiiii

(Thursday, August 30, 2001)

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

apriler chamra khuilla dugdugi banamu..

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

my dear honey bun,at abar ki bolo tumi,tomake to tahole #450 dharay fashite jhulnao hobey.

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

well, aami tomar honey o na.. bun o na..

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

mone kosto pelam :(

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

kosto pele..
accha bolo taile
jiye ga mare ga?? karega bharega?? suli charega????
love ke liye sala kuch bhi karega??

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

nah,kichui korbona,tomkae diye korabo,ami kichu korte pari na.I am lazy.:)

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

tomar pechone kuku lagiye dile lazy bhab kete jabe..

(Saturday, September 01, 2001)

uhuuu, kichu na korte parle kibhabe hobe.. accha aami korbo aage carl ke shorao toamr kache theke naile bolte hobe aamake mone mone, Ill refrain my falling tears as hard as I could..
will only wait till your love for him is gone.. the attention to me seemed to drift nowhere..
or is it you who just dont care.. hoping that my commitments can make you see, but we seemed so close yet far apart.. so accept the key to my heart, Im willing to accept your love in any form.. oops, dont take it to heart little brain..

(Saturday, September 01, 2001)

meghwabati apu,i don't like any joking about please don't say anything about him.

the more i know of you,
is the more i know i love you
and the more that i am sure,i want you forever even more,
so we used to know this loves and share was never made to die.i am glad we are this one way street,just you and I,just you and I

(Saturday, September 01, 2001)

tumi je aamake eishbo dako.. tai tomar naam dilam ajke theke Ghosheti begom.. aar ghosheti begom niya aami one street e jete chai na..

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