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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, July 29, 2004
From: cuty
PC language

Husband (A Computer Professor) returning late from work:

Husband: "Hi dear. I'm logged in"

Wife: Have you brought the grocery?

Husband: Bad command or file name

wife: But I told you in the morning ?

Husband: Erroneous syntax. Abort, retry, cancel?

Wife: What about my new TV ?

Husband: Variable not found

Wife: At least, give me your credit card. I need to do
some shopping

Husband: Sharing violation. Access denied

Wife: It was a great mistake that I married an idiot
like you

Husband: Data type mismatch

Wife: You are useless

Husband: By default

Wife: What about your salary ?

Husband: File in use. Try after some time

Wife: Who was in the car this morning ?

Husband: System is unstable. Press ALT + CTRL + DEL to

Wife: Are you going to have some snacks ?

Husband: File system full

Wife: What is the relation between you and your
receptionist ?

Husband: only user with WRITE permission

Wife: What is my value in this family ?

Husband: Unknown virus

Wife: Do you love me or your computer or you're being
just funny ?

Husband: Too many parameters !

Wife: I will go to my dad's house.

Husband: This program has performed an illegal
operation and will be


Wife: I'll leave you forever

Husband: Close all programs and logout and then login
as another user

Wife: It's worthless talking to you

Husband: Shutdown the computer

Wife: I'm going

Husband: It's now safe to turn off your computer

People Discussion
(Thursday, July 29, 2004)

copy and paste obviously

(Thursday, July 29, 2004)

funny..wishing u a husband like this

(Thursday, July 29, 2004)

(Thursday, July 29, 2004)

(Thursday, July 29, 2004)

Virus-I got nothing 2 say 2 u other than "KEEP UR OPINIONS 2 URSELF-coz I don't find u the slightest bit amusing-got that?"

Rony Salman
(Thursday, July 29, 2004)

Nice one Cuty!
It sent down a chill down my spine looking at my future since I am into computer career too!!

(Saturday, July 31, 2004)

BoKa-Apu... BAKTEL-Moni...

(Saturday, July 31, 2004)

I wish that cuty has a husband like this

(Saturday, July 31, 2004)

husband ta tsr bujhlam but whos that wife

(Sunday, August 01, 2004)

Oi Kati Apu
Tomar Kuddus Ali Ki Amon bole Silo Tomake

Are tumi oMon Kore Answer Korso :P

(Sunday, August 01, 2004)

sis swamira ki amon hoy??becareful of kuddus ali

(Tuesday, August 03, 2004)


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