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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2001
From: heemel
For everyone ......

Guys ... tomader jonno ekta kobita ... not for all ... instead for every one.

Asha kori amar priyo manush ti o ebar kobike chinbe ( April ... it's Jewel ... the singer ).

Miracle (Jewel)


Do you hear it?
I do.
I can feel it.
I expect a miracle is coming.
It has set loose this restlessness inside of me.

Expect it
Dream about it
Give birth to it in your being

Something good
is coming down the line.
Finding it's way to you
Like all things find their way
to Gods children.


People Discussion
(Thursday, August 30, 2001)

all the best....

(Thursday, August 30, 2001)


I thot it was me wishing everyone .....

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

that wish made instead of saying ameen!

(Friday, August 31, 2001)

I've become too dumb Konka.

Telling you smthing ... may be interesting. On my way back from my friend ( still not back to sense ) I was off the interstate ... sliding sidewise at 85 miles/hour on the grass ... directly to the opposite traffic. I had absolutely no control. You know what ... I forgot to say ... 'God save me!!' I just tried to steer it back. Well ... this was my first encounter with US highways.

Eventually I got back control ... and I just drove out. I thanked Lord not for saving me ... but cuz my Mom and Dad don't have to suffer. May be at least my love for them is true.

Why telling this? When I was in the school ... I prayed everyday that I can pass the day without any trouble.

Now I do also pray ... but not for me.

(Saturday, September 01, 2001)

set ur spirit free.. its the only way to beee..

(Saturday, September 01, 2001)

himel when it happened?are you alright?it's quite conincident may be,last week i had an accident too.I crossed redlight so another car hit car is totaly messed up but i am ok(i was wearing seatbelt).
don't drive too fast.

(Saturday, September 01, 2001)


(Sunday, September 02, 2001)

That was last week. But I would be happy if there was no such coincidence.

I'm perfectly alright dear ... but how did you manage that? Actually I was searching for nuts ( stolen from the store I work at ) on the other seat then.

Thanks Allah that you are ok. Hmmm ... I believe you can't get hurt ... anyway. Well ... I do feel bad about the car ... I like mine so much.

Thank ( I don't find any better word now ) you so much for the care. I don't remember when I got words like this last.

You won't see me here for couple of days. Going to San Antonio for a break.

Bhalo theko.

(Sunday, September 02, 2001)

Hey Sanctuary ... thanks for the nice words man.

Yeah it would be easier for me a year ago. Now my definition of freedom is changed. Let me fix it first ... then I'll learn to fly.

At least one thing positive ... I dare to do things ( though not all of them ) I feared before.

(Sunday, September 02, 2001)

when you pray for others, others do the same, heemel. Allah paak ke dhonnobad tomake aar tomaar prio manush dujonke-i bhalo rakhar jonno.

shabdhane theko. yeahh, atleast priojonder jonno.

(Tuesday, September 04, 2001)

Thanks Konka.
I just returned from SAn Antonio ... thats why the delay.
Yeah ... I'll be careful ... for all of you who are my beloved ones.

(Saturday, January 17, 2004)


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