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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2004
From: -dhulo-

Image Code: 00-001

.Image Code: 00-001...WhEn We'Re ApArT, Sometimes I StOp & LiStEn..
tHe lAsT tImE U SaId, "lOvE U "....
hOw iS iT , U r sO fAr AwAy,
bUt yEt sO clOsE tO mY THOUGHTs???
MiSs Me, or Not ?
MaY Be, ..nOt.. Image Code: 00-001..

Image Code: 00-001

People Discussion
(Wednesday, July 21, 2004)

Image Code: 00-001 ....Image Code: 16-001...... Image Code: 00-001

(Wednesday, July 21, 2004)


(Wednesday, July 21, 2004)

Gulecha re tumi kothai???
amar brooo'r mobil e ekta call korte paro na??? kante kante amar bhaitar chokkhe chani pore jachche .... etto nishthur tumi??? Image Code: 00-001

(Wednesday, July 21, 2004)

Image Code: 06-011Image Code: 06-01106-011#Image Code: 06-011.....................Image Code: 06-010

(Wednesday, July 21, 2004)

Araleee kee achee okanee, ta kintuu bollana
dhulo bhiayaaa

ahree hobe na ota hobe "Boroi Apsus"

Dhulo: u say ur lover, u just marry her. then may be 'yes'

(Wednesday, July 21, 2004)

(Wednesday, July 21, 2004)

Ahhaaree ..
Daraw tumar hoye ami akta gan gai

Kofal faitta jaiImage Code: 00-016 Amar kofal faitta jai .. Image Code: 00-016
Bondhu jokhon gulesa loiya
amar barir samne diya
rongo koira haitta jai
Faitta jai
Amar kofal ta faitta jaiImage Code: 00-016
Image Code: 09-016 .. .. .. ..

(Thursday, July 22, 2004)


(Thursday, July 22, 2004)

Akhane Hashir Ki Ache.... ....Image Code: 00-007.......

..........Image Code: 00-005.......

(Thursday, July 22, 2004)

......Amar Dukkho Keu Bujhe na..Image Code: 00-002....Shobai Onner dukkher Hashe...Image Code: 00-001...

(Thursday, July 22, 2004)

Bujhbo re dosto
Ar Koyta Din Shobur Koro ..... Roshun Bunechi.....Image Code: 06-010

Gulecha Aile Thik ii Bujhbo..........Image Code: 06-010

(Thursday, July 22, 2004)

vaiahmonii ...

(Thursday, July 22, 2004)

fajil bhaigna...i feel u re

(Thursday, July 22, 2004)

gulecha bhabi bujhi baper bari berate giyechee aharee colos mia etto miss koro bhabi o tomak miss korche i m sure

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