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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2004
From: cuty
FoR b2K BhAias,maMas,daD@s etc.

If ever you feel lonely, cheer up!
Just go to the mirror and say "DAMN,I'M SO LUSH"
You will overcome your sadness,but dont make a habit of it because liars go to hell

People Discussion
(Tuesday, July 20, 2004)

.... aMar Hobe Na, i Know Image Code: 00-005 Image Code: 00-007..apuu..

(Tuesday, July 20, 2004)

Khamakha Hankey panky like a Monkey

Rony Salman
(Tuesday, July 20, 2004)

So I see the mirror stopped to speak for itself to tell you that you are the most beautiful one (reference from the story of step mother and the most beautiful daughter....) and now it's you to look at the mirror and praise yourself!! Well for guys, it won't be a problem to look at the mirror and lie cause they are so much used to lying everyday whenever they meet a girl to say, you are the one for me, you are the most beautiful, you are the most... etc. etc. They are in no position to think about the consequence of lying and going to hell in the eternal life, cause if they don't lie, the girl in front would make his present life as good as hell....

(Tuesday, July 20, 2004)

oooooops Rony dha-ami arr kicchu komuna
#damn# #crapz#

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