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Saturday, August 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, July 18, 2004
From: Sraboner_Baridhara
*****Icche Kore*****

Icche Kore,
Nir Hara Pakhi Hoye Nilakashe Veshe Berate...

Icche Kore,
Dheu Hoye SHagorer Uttal Toronge Nijeke Vashiye Dite....

Icche Kore,
Vorer ShishirHoye Banglar Shomosto Prantor Vijiye Dite....

Icche Kore Akash Venge Josnar Alo Hoye Somosto Adhar Muche Dite....

Icche Kore Sraboner Ojhor Baridhara er Moto Obirol Dharay Jhore Porte....

Kintu Icche gulo Shob Icche ii Theke Jay....

Sraboner Baridhara.......Image Code: 06-010

People Discussion
(Monday, July 19, 2004)

Srabon Dostto..
Beshi Icche Manei Beshi Kosto.. ja ghotche, ghoteche, ghotbe, shetai Icche Puron dhore nilei holo...

(Monday, July 19, 2004)

rasel vaiah .. kemon acho ? ....

(Tuesday, July 20, 2004)

ta obossho mondo kos nai cross dosto

Are Vaiaaaaaa ami bhalo tumi kemon acho???? tomake khub miss kori vaiaaa...Valo theko...Image Code: 06-010

(Tuesday, July 20, 2004)

khub shundor ichchha.

(Tuesday, July 20, 2004)

aami valo achi vaiah ... thanx for askin' .... onekdin tomar shathe kotha hocchena .... missed ya lotz ....

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