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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, July 04, 2004
From: teena_ahmed

If you know that you are the judge,then it dosent matter if anybody knows it or not.And the satisfaction to know is infinity.

People Discussion
(Sunday, July 04, 2004)

(Sunday, July 04, 2004)

kisui bujhlam na, apamoni

Rony Salman
(Sunday, July 04, 2004)

We could be the APPARENT judge of our satisfactions, not really the real judge; we put forth criteria to be the determining factor of our satisfaction, like, success in career, winning the heart of a great love (lover), etc., but once we achieve one, we get used to that success soon and spend no time in seeking another goal to serve us as the destiny of our satisfaction!! We move on from one goal to another assuming we had satisfactions but failing every time in reality to ensure an ABSOLUTE satisfaction!! (Rabindra nath er bhashaay, jaha chaai taha bhul korey chaai, jaha paai taha chaai na!!)

Rony Salman
(Sunday, July 04, 2004)

This reminds me Tom's Jones,

Come here baby
What do ya mean
You don't know what will satisfy me
Yes you do
I've been all around the world
Looking for some girl
And I can't get no satisfaction
and I've got to have some satisfaction
I can't get no - satisfaction
'Cause I try', and I try
Yes I try, I try
I can't get no satisfaction

I guess Tom Jones had no way of knowing Rabindra's philosophy!!

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