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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, August 25, 2001
From: shybal
bein' a man in a woman's world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the past century, the women's movement has made considerable advancements with women's rights. They 've come a long way in claimin' equal treatment that has been denied them for many years..........

Unfortunately, the battle has gone past equality n has degenerated into a male bashin' game. In this article, I ain't tryin' to reduce the importance of the women's movement, nor is it attemptin' to demean the women who sacrificed many things to attain their rights!!!!!!!!!

I'm simply bringin' to light the fact that there are a lot of discriminations committed against men too.....rangin' from parenthood n employment to spousal abuse. The only difference is that men are bein' told to keep their mouths shut n swallow the abuse in order to make up for the injustices committed against women by our male ancestors..........

On the other hand, it's no secret that women are bigger dreamers than men. Women have always pictured what their first kiss would be like....imagined the first time they would have sex!!!!!!!fantasized about their weddin' night. They want everythin' to go without a hitch because everythin' in their fantasy world is perfect.........

But reality calls for droolin' n slobberin' durin' that first kiss. More pain than pleasure on the night they lose their virginity n not even rememberin' much about the weddin' night because they're so worried that somethin' will go wron'!!!!!!!! n where a boyfriend(so called) is concerned, love is a perfect place where no one fights n both parties r always happy. In other words, "the perfect love that women believe in won't be the love they 'll actually experience"!!!!!!!!!

It's time for are slowly wakin' up n realizin' that if it's fair treatment women want, they're goin' to have to stop the prejudice against men too.........

(------- want to be treated as an individual, not a member of the canine family due to the genitals attached between legs. I'm not goin' to complain ne further n 'll keep my mouth shut.......n get the expedient to share a day in the life of a beast)

People Discussion
(Saturday, August 25, 2001)

So, what is your point??

(Sunday, August 26, 2001)

my point's nothin' but askin' them(man) to give ya some respect..........what ya gl lost by born through man's dictator world..........

(Sunday, August 26, 2001)

we don't want some people to "give"(!) us respect, shybal. we want our rights to be established!! We want to be treated as human, not gl!

(Wednesday, August 29, 2001)

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