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Thursday, August 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, June 13, 2004
From: harun
Net Love

Every night as she comes home she gets on her computer
Waiting and anticpating his arrival
For she loves him so
Or is it that she loves talking to him?
But that doesn't matter now
For the love they share is only net love
For they talk and laugh but neith can see each others face
Or look into each others eyes
Or hold one another tight as they fall asleep
They are only left with the computer and when they decided to go to sleep they are left all alone in that bed with out the other
For this is only net love
Maybe one day they will see each other
But till then all they have is net love
which is not as good as the real thing

People Discussion
(Sunday, June 13, 2004)

hmm......kotha gulu ekkare shotti koiso MAN!
Page ta print kore amar bed side er wall e rakbo........

(Sunday, June 13, 2004)

cuty apu

(Sunday, June 13, 2004)

akebare khati kotha likchen vai!
akhon shobkuchur shathe amader valobasha o jantrik hoye jachche!

(Sunday, June 13, 2004)

net e keu jodi love kore thake, tahole hoito tomar kothai thik.
kintu amar mone hoy kew karo shathe chatting korley sheta "love" noi.

(Monday, June 14, 2004)

cuty apu hoho bed shate tomar golai juliye rakho bhalo hoibe

shurjo-mukhi . gottese sotti

(Monday, June 14, 2004)

420 sotti amon hocche amar ak friend net biya korse . dubai to malasiya ..

(Thursday, June 17, 2004)

certainly it may be ,
certainly, and i am damn sure about it .. Not always right but it may be some time s..

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