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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, August 24, 2001
From: shybal
talkin' to strangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's happened to all of us. Ya 're in a public place n ya make eye contact with someone you're attracted to............ya both smile, perhaps a little shyly. Ya feel a mutual spark. Great. Now what? If ya let them get away without ever speakin' to them....ya could 've missed an opportunity for a relationship, a hot date, or at least a new friend (who may lead you to another date!). But initiatin' conversation with a stranger is difficult..............

Why? Well, most of us don't know what to say. If we said what was really on our minds, we'd often end up sayin' somethin' ridiculously inappropriate such as, "Ya 've the most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen"!!!!!
or "I imagine bein' married to someone who looks just like yaaaaaaaaa.......
or "I have a feelin' ya would look great naked"..... Not exactly ice-breakers. But what's an adorin' stranger to do??????

Many of us r familiar with the old standard pick-up lines, which range from the crude ("Nice ass") to the corny ("Do you han' out here a lot?), which we hopefully avoid. But we still don't know how to get past, "How ya doin'?" n that's problematic. Even the old, "Can I buy ya another drink?" has it limitations.......

what do you say once the drink is in their hand? n what if they really don't want another drink, but would still like to talk with ya? You're back to square one!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my view, introducin' yourself right away is always a friendly, polite gesture. It shows good manners n it humanizes us. Okay, so now what? Perhaps just stop freakin' out n be real for a moment. Is this person in front of ya in line at the grocery store? Ask them about somethin' they're buyin'(ppl would get feel uneasy talkin' to a stranger......sometimes). "Are those delicious? I haven't tried those new cookies yet" or "Is that this month's issue? Nicole looks great!" Relate to them as a person...........(i know, its kinda hard)

If ya meet them in a bar or a restaurant with some friends, why not say hello? Introduce yourself n break the ice with a friendly observation. "You guys seem like ya're havin' a good time. What are you all up to tonight?" is so much more appealin' than "Are ya havin' a good time?" Duh!!!!!!!!! Would I be dressed up n laughin' with my friends if I wasn't?

Once ya 've made the effort, the other person will probably respond with a question or a comment--hey, they might even ask ya to join them for a minute. Questions like "What kind of work do you do?" should come later. Those kinds of questions are often borin' n feel intrusive as ice breakers. Use light heartedness, humor n good manners n I'll bet ya get a response ya like!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't, it probably wasn't a good match in the first place. But ya never know until ya make the effort...................

People Discussion
(Saturday, August 25, 2001)

oh honey !ata ki bolo tumi ? .

(Saturday, August 25, 2001)

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