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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, June 06, 2004
From: Ochena_Ekjon
~~To SnOwFaLL~~on your Birthday~~

I woke up just before the midnight
And saw the world has suddenly changed
That moon came down and whispered in my ear,
It's the birthday of my very best friend.

All the stars in the sky up there
Twinkling the brighter dress of light
I searched in my stupid heart
What can I give u tonight?

I will give u the eternal sunshine
I will give u the magic of rain
I will hold u tight in my arms
Just when u feel like crying in pain

I will walk beside u at first light of dawn
I will run with u under the jealous star
I will fly with u over the cloud up there
I will give u my all dreams forever

I will look in to ur eyes and hold ur hand
I will dance with u and sing in the rain
I will bring the pearl from the deepest ocean
I will fight with the whole world just to make u shine

I will give u the warmth of sunset
I will give u the silence of sand
More over everything as a birthday gift
I will give u my this stupid heart,
Signed on it as ur very best friend….

~~~Don't compare your love towards your Friends to the snow that only falls in winter, instead, compare it to the river that flows forever..wish you a very happy and wonderful birthday..and sorry for wishing you late

People Discussion
(Sunday, June 06, 2004)

Image Code: 01-019

(Monday, June 07, 2004)

thanxxxx ....

(Monday, June 07, 2004)

aami ki jaante paari .. aapni ke ? ...

(Monday, June 07, 2004)

deeppu puchka .. tor ki holo abar ...

(Tuesday, June 08, 2004)

k abar gantu chara ..

(Tuesday, June 08, 2004)

_ >>> aapnar kaache jaante chaini .... apni ektu chup thakun ...

(Tuesday, June 08, 2004)

jottoshob ajaira public !

(Tuesday, June 08, 2004)

Shomoshsha ta ki? Gantu`r preme porechhen naki je jake dekhen takei Gantu mone koren? Kono kaaj kaam jodi ekebarei na thake tahole ekta kaaj aapnake dewa jete pare aamader 2 ta Driver-er bhitor Hashmot-er baap Hashmot ke dekhte desher bari unar jayga ta dokhol korar jonno aapni druto contact korun ei addy-te:

Golakata boltu, 420
Bitlami Road
Bekub Nogor

nnn aapnar kaaj kaam dekhe to mone hochchhena je aapni Drive-o korte parben...aapni ek kaaj koren Gulistan-er char chokkor morer thik baam pashe Baitul Mukaram Moshjid-er shamne Serial-e muchira juta palish n napit ra chul katate boshe so okhane giye-o dekhte paren bhaggo khulte pare kina....eishob kore to aar aapnar kono labh hochchhena borong manush mone mone gali dichchhe....karon shobai to aar aapnar moto bekub na je jeta mone hobe shetai bole debe....So u shud shut ur crapz up buddy...

(Tuesday, June 08, 2004)

(Tuesday, June 08, 2004)

kire Jaan ROLLY marosh ken?

(Tuesday, June 08, 2004)

manusher kotha shune ar ki korbo !

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