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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, June 05, 2004
From: blackboard
-Arson attack on bus kills 9- :( ( asholei ki amra manush... ?????? )

At least nine people were killed as a double-decker state-owned passenger bus was set on fire in the capital Friday night in a chain of bomb and arson attacks, reports UNB.

Police confirmed the gory act of violence but could not say who did it. The incident took place near Hotel Sheraton at about 8:15pm, hours before the start of opposition’s nationwide 24-hour anti-government hartal, beginning 6 am today.

Police sources said seven people burnt to death inside the bus while two others, one a child, at Dhaka Medical College Hospital


-> Govt. or Oposition jei koruk, ai BUS jatri'ra ki dosh korlo, naki Bangladesh a jonmo dekhe..?

Dhikkkarrr !! Ai shomosto Politician der..!!

People Discussion
(Saturday, June 05, 2004)

ei borbochito obhaboniyo ghotona nojirbihin,
poshutullyo kichu omanush bangladeshke norok joggyo kore felche,


(Saturday, June 05, 2004)

hmm..have seen this news.... dhikkar to amader keo deya dorkar..right?

(Saturday, June 05, 2004)

They are sick.

(Saturday, June 05, 2004)

amra monusshotto harie felechi.... ..kibhave pare keu evabe ettogulo nishpap manushke purie marte.....shotodhik taderke...kintu ke korbe tader bichar??

(Saturday, June 05, 2004)

ora manush k bolese. ora to sob pare khomotay jaowar jonno ar haranor jonno.oder niuye likhatai to onnay.dhik janalei sob somossar soamadhan hobe. hobena. better voter somoy vote na deya. vote diye amader ki love hoy??? amra to sudhu lash hoi othoba lash dekhi. ar love hoy oderImage Code: 00-000

(Saturday, June 05, 2004)

Amra kokhon manush chilam sei addikal thekei, Bangladesher itihaso tai bole, sei kobe thekei amra omanush hoe gesi je nijeke bad die shobaikei amar shotru bhabi ar take marar jonno emon ki mere feltew kono bikar hoi na amar mone.
Abong shobcheye dukkhojonok kotha holo, otibo shundor bhabe marar jonno new new polichy udbhabon kori.
Manush naki manusher jonno, ekhon hoe gese Manush pranider jonno, tader ekhon ja icha hoi manush nie tai kore tara.

(Saturday, June 05, 2004)

Ora Manush na "Manush" Nam ta use korche ..

(Saturday, June 05, 2004)

Desher ai voyaboho poristhitir poriborton ki r konodin hobe?

(Sunday, June 06, 2004)

ki likhbo....aasole kichhue likha uchit na....aaita khub e savabik ekta ghotona...karon amader desher rajnitikra rajniti namok babsa kore shudhumatra khomotar jonna....ekjon neta/netri nai je desher jonna kaj korte paren....aaita obossoi amader durvagga.........tobe aai somoy chirokal thakbe na...sob kichhur e shesh achhe....emon ekdin aasbe jedin sadaron manus rajnitikder dhore dhore hotta korbe.......................karon otai oder prappo.......
bortomana jara rajnitite jorito tader tader ami ghrina kori.... tader dole amar baba porle ami take o ghrina kori.........

Rony Salman
(Sunday, June 06, 2004)

Followings are some emblematic examples of our reactions to the heinous act and our ensuing steps in few sectors.

Police Department: These terrorists seem to be of professional ones, our police really don't seem to have the intelligence or talent to nab them, nor that they care much unless it offers them the opportunity to harass common innocent people (that's us!) and extort good amount of bribes!!

Government: Issues press release expressing repugnance against the heinous act, try wholeheartedly to link the opposition party with the act and pray that common people will forget it in few days since another new act of terrorism will definitely be there as our recent history suggests!

Rony Salman
(Sunday, June 06, 2004)

Opposition (Political party) Evades the attempts made by the ruling party to link them with the terrorism, make it an issue as big as possible in drawing people's attention to Government's failure in nabbing crime and terrorism and pray that people blame the government for the heinous atrocity!!

Us (common people): The heinous act scares the hell out of us because we know it will always be us mostly being the victim of terrorism! We will express our grave concern but we will forget it in a few days and get on another bus one fine morning only to be burnt down!!

(Monday, June 07, 2004)

May the deceased rest in peace, Rony bhai agree with u is always the innocent ppl who suffer, time after time I ask myself why?? ………………………………….

Rony Salman
(Monday, June 07, 2004)

That is our fate and destiny Ima, our political strategy (both ruling party and opposition) and high governmental officials (both bureaucrats and police) are to be blamed for that!!

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