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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2000
From: Jahed Ahmed
Obstacle towards progress of Bangladesh??

Why do you think we're retrogressing while rest of the nations are progressing?What,according to you,is mainly hindering the genuine progress of our Country??Please post your valuable opinion.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, October 31, 2000)

It is the conservatism and prejudices that has closed our mind to new thoughts, ideas and economic. freedom. A tiny nation like Singapore without any natural resources and a population density much higher than Bangladesh is to-day a developed country only beacause it,s people are open to change and accepts new ideas and reforms readily.I know that because I lived and worked there. We simply live in the past and hope for the world to take care of us.

(Tuesday, October 31, 2000)

A further addition to my thoughts. What are the common things in all the advanced (not the oil rich) countries? It is the democracy, freedom of expression ,acceptance of technology, free from the tyranny of religion and most of all justice and fairness for all. If we can ensure these things in our beloved country, then Bangladesh, too will be an advanced nation. Our age old tradition and conservatism are the chains that we need to lose.

Jahed Ahmed
(Wednesday, November 01, 2000)

Thanks Khondaker.I appreciate it! I'm expecting some more comments.

(Tuesday, April 22, 2003)


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