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Sunday, September 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2001
From: shybal
an opinion to resolution the situation of Bangladesh!!!!!!!!!

............agree the environment is full of chaos, polluted. such as...crime, drugs, corruption, immoralities definitely cause us to wonder how good can exist side by side with so much bad? If we all read bout evil, ignorance n negativity which are true but how can any positive trends be valid?.......

History tells so many positive economic n social trends had been taken place n that’s why we 've climbed up to the modern society. Of course, some part of the world is still under poverty, corruption n has no democracy but the progress 'll continue gradually by integrated global market. People were enlightened by religion at the time people were extremely barbarian n brutalllllll

Another example, Gandis movement against British rule at the time part of Europe and even America posture were unjust and inequality. No favorable or chaos-less environments were noticeable in gainin' the human "Right"........called independence or so many other social changes. Black people were brought to US by pernicious people for their own evil interest. They did not realize someday someone (like Martin Luther King) would fight for civil "Rights" n gain "Equality" from the center of the world so that sooner the freedom would be recognized globally n that would have not been possible easily from Africa.........

As we see the potentiality how oppressed people can turn thin' around with 180 degrees from livin' in unjust environment.....ya just need a flourish n good sense of mind. In our society, privileged groups ( appro, 7/8%govt workers, another 6 brokers/businessman n bla bla) who are enjoyin' all kind of privileges. they may not see the moral light n 'll not give up own evil benefits voluntarily. It may be possible if those private companies’ CEO ( of course, who are honest n good deal of visionary, can apologize publicly for inevitable mistakes) who could gain more power than son of bitches "political leaders" ( seen in few European countries) n posture the systems in their organization in favor of creatin' healthy society to progress in a global market.

The changes in society are usually economically driven in response to global competition. Politics is not drivin' the change rather bein' pulled by it. It is very essential to create more entrepreneurs in our society n allow them to compete in local nthen in a global market!!!!!!!!!

However, political stability, law & order, proper infrastructures must be consistently demanded and dramatized the issue so it 'll no longer be ignored if we want to see the progress...........

People Discussion
(Thursday, August 23, 2001)

sorry,i'm not interested in such type of politics.

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