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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2001
From: heemel
Sara, Bushra, Megh, Kanchon's Eta ki thik

Excellent Kanchon .... we must appreciate the level you are thinking. Obviously your views search the root.

Actually what Kuasha did .... that's what I used to do before ... Blaming the Politicians. Don't you guys think that those lost politicians, student leaders, administrative officials ... all corrupts
are very much from among us? It's time to look for what we are contributing to this corruptions.

What frightens me most ... corruption in our country is spread even at public level. We have accepted corruptions as a daily event. Kanchon pays her tax properly... which has become a rare example of honesty. Most of us are very much keen to buy the judges from the court, the police, secrataries at the secrateriate, the ministers ... see ... here
almost evrything can be purchased with money ... and we are the buyers. That is how we are interacting with the state. Now tell me who's the guilty part? Just them ...or us? I guess both of us.

And now think about our life at the social level ... personal, family and relatives level. We purchase the test-questions
in advance, we join processions in favor of adopting bad means in National standard exams like SSC and HSC
( to me this is the most damaging part) ... and our family members, teachers ... they support us. We sell our most sacred
right ... that of vote ... for money, we go bankrupt and lead the life of a king ... and be appreciated by our family, we know our earning members are in limitations ... but we compell them to go unfair by our high expectations ... and when fulfiled ... we appreciate their brilliance over others ( there are exceptions ... I respect them from my heart). Guys ... who's responsible? All of us.

All ends up to what Kanchon said ... we have no system. We dont have any goal, guideline ... so we try to find our own way
... irespective of values and conscience ... irrespective of being the part of the state system or just the public. To me
the most significant inference is ... we ( the public ) are very much isolated from the state. We never can think of our
state as our friend ... on the contrary we have enough reasons to avoid interaction with the state at any cost. How could
we love our country?

I think the problem is not just contemporary ... the seeds are sown hundreds of years ago. British Colonial systems ... developed for the natives are very much different from what they developed for themselves. Their system ensures the right of
people ... which they make sure with a solid education system, so that people are conscious ... and there is a deep interaction between the state and public ... in fact state is their most trusted friend. Who has lost everything ... even he
knows his state gonna look after him. For his survival he does'nt have to compromise with the negative things of life.
His sense of freedom, support and patriotism must be different from ours.

To me the problem lies there. Our state system is not very much changed in it's spirit from what was left for us from the colonist ghosts. Our policy makers may have forgotten that we are free people .... not colonized anymore.

Guy's my posting is getting longer than the Silk route. I expect your opinions on my lacks and what might be done to solve the problem.
I haven't suggested any solution ... I know. Actually I'm trying to figure out if my views are clear enough.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

what do ya mean by even in public?its already been there,heemel!!!!!!

ya know what I 'm just gonna ask ya to give us some solutions to get rid of this shits......what we all know(tumi ja ja mention korashooo)!!!!!n our prob's we see the prob.......never try to resolve.....just like(should i mention the name?)

do ya think to kill all son of bitches who they took us to the number one corrupted country n made us down.....don't think so. 'caz some of them r ur, mine relatives n friends.look at urself, "can ya rescue us to the dreamland where there wouldn't be ne..........". no ya cant.....but give us some hopes what the poor ppl of our country don't want.

so, stop bullshittin' n let it be!!!!!!!(we r that nations who they can only give some craps to another but not for us).........

(Thursday, August 23, 2001)

I meant we are the public ... and we should be consedered a part of the crisis ... not only the politicians and all. Yeah ... that makes the scenario more complecated.

We got the same problem ?? May be our views are different. Better if we talk about this more respectfully.

You're right Shybal ... if we start shooting ... that will be an eventual suicide ... we are very much part of the game.

(Thursday, August 23, 2001)

I never liked to talk about politics or any problem in our country.Because all the problem stays in us.We are the roots who make all the problems.If we become little bit careful nothing would make us so sick like we are right now.So we have to stop blaming.

The surprising this is normal people doesn't talk much about the problem.We who are creator of problem ,talk about it,that's so funny.We are so called rich people,make poor's life.But we do complain but they don't.That's little funny,don't you think?

(Thursday, August 23, 2001)

oh lord!too much type :(
It should be"we are those people who make poor people's life hell"

(Thursday, August 23, 2001)

you are right april, very much right. agree with you.

(Friday, August 24, 2001)

strange.. april doesnt have brain.. and it thinks too.. aami gyan harabo.. morei jabo bachate parbe na go..

(Friday, August 24, 2001)

April not just thinks .... I think her thoughts are supported by a true and warm heart.

At least .... truer than many of us.

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