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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, May 24, 2004
From: VanityPress
Deep Thoughts

What would life be without chinese take-outs?

People Discussion
(Monday, May 24, 2004)

lets see..not as tasty?
Mmm...i loovvee chinese cuisine

(Monday, May 24, 2004)

I love'em too, but why it should be banned . Please dont do that..

(Tuesday, May 25, 2004)

Beijing (Reuter, 1/26) - China's official Xinhua news agency, which announced this week that maggot extract is a good source of nutrition, urged people Thursday to add ants to their diet with a set of recipes cooked up by a professor.
Wu Zhicheng, "an expert on ant diet" based in the central city of Nanjing, has worked out dozens of recipes for ant-based cakes, teas and wines in an effort to promote ant eating, it said. "Ants are a miniature nutritious treasury," Xinhua quoted Wu as saying, adding that ants contained more zinc than either soybeans or pig liver. (continues…..)

(Tuesday, May 25, 2004)

Xinhua said Chinese have been eating ants for more than 3,000 years and "the longevity of many old people who are now over 100 years old has been found to be connected with an ant diet."
The edible ant suggestion follows Xinhua's report Saturday that announced a scientific team had worked out a way to develop maggots as a "huge new source of nourishment for the 1990s."
"Maggot products are surprisingly appealing," Xinhua said.

I shudder to think what sorts of * miniature nutritious treasury* ur Chinese take away had.

(Tuesday, May 25, 2004)

hurmpf! Which chinese place r u going to folks? Anyway, life without chinese take-outs will be death from starvation. Besides I enjoy the spaced-out feeling from the MSGS in the food on a hot summer afternoonImage Code: 09-010

(Tuesday, May 25, 2004)

Ah! What would life be without Chinese take-outs? I was thinking along the line of the suggestions made by Sabrina and Gemini. Life less tasty, of course; prolonged starvation, no doubt that. Just imagine – no Kung Pao Chicken to poke your fork into, no Szechuan Chicken to stir your chop sticks with or no egg drop to wet your palate with. Now, how about the Peking Duck – well, that might be hard to come by. Let’s just stick with average ordinary menu – you know, the ones served by the corner mom-and-pop’s eateries.

Those little paper containers neatly stuffed with rice, fried or just steamed and your choice of entrees – chicken, beef or what not or if you are like Ima, you might be tempted to order something exotic – something like ants, maggots or whatever seems to be your craving of the day. But in any event, life is good when you bring it home– um-umm-ummm. Just like home cooking, well, maybe not home cooking. But then again, when nobody is cooking how can you tell what’s home cooking and what’s not. Sometime, I wonder how they stuff so much rice into that little box. How about sweet and sour, how can you make something sweet and sour at the same time? Once I attempted to create my own sweet and sour mystery, but the luck would have it otherwise. Even with careful preparation and meticulous measurement, the concoction that was prepared was neither sweet nor sour nor in between. It was something I had never tasted before. From then on, I’ve decided I would leave it to the professionals and let them stir up the sweet ‘n sour mystery.

If that mystery is not deep enough, then how about those fortune cookies. Those cute little crunchy cones, bended, carefully wrapped and stuffed with your very own fortune. Now, where can you find a take-outs or cuisine for that matter, which not only serves food for your stomach, but for your brain too? Just when you are satiated and laid back to cherish those moments of delicious devouring, the little one liner that you retrieved from the fortune cookie starts to consume your thoughts. Your ponderous mind starts to parse and discern each and every word on that little strip of paper. You think to yourself – am I really lucky or am I really generous or does everybody like me. In case you are with a friend or two, you might tend to compare your fortune with the others and for a brief moment you might find yourself in a state of artificial bliss or incurred depression. Now, you have to agree with me, life without Chinese take-outs would be really boring.

Anyway, you can tell, I’m doing a lot of babbling today.

(Wednesday, May 26, 2004)

hurmpf! Which chinese place r u going to folks? Anyway, life without chinese take-outs will be death from starvation. Besides I enjoy the spaced-out feeling from the MSGS in the food on a hot summer afternoonImage Code: 09-010

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