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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2001
From: ~*megh*~
just a note for that Bushra's posting

u know something.. u sound like a typical bengali leader's talk.. u know what is our big problem?? we DONT HAVE PATRIOTISM up on our asses.. and the second we fucken Bengalis cant do u anything but only shout out of such creep shits.. when the aowamelige (don't know that bitch's leagues full name, don't want either) this country has become much more worst than it ws before.. corruption is everywhere floating around.. so, when this bitch came over by begging day before that election at first.. people thought ok, let this whore give a chance.. now what we have?? Such mother fucking banglar bir shontan like vp joinal, joinal hazari, Iqdal, shamim osman.. etc etc etc.. so, ur bongobondhu konna gave these kind of mother fucking garbage shits.. and called them banglar shonar chele.. oh forgot to congrats for our no 1 corrupted country honor.. when do we celebrate that anyway?? And as far as ur desher manush gulo chokh buje kaaj kore jaache matter concern.. so u shd know that we have biggest poorly human resources over here.. and this bitch (our prime minister) did a hell of a job by making cheap the rice and other so called food stuffs.. so, that she can say at least Bengali bhate na khaya more nai.. (as I heard that day before yesterday from her shitty mouth) so that's how she can grab votes from people.. coz few days back I ws going somewhere and one rickshawala ws telling to another bhai vote diben kare.. so other ws responding like, kare aabar nouka re, aamago dui bela pet bhoira khaite diche na?? Aamra nouka chara kichu bujhi na." So, the main thing in our system is very low PATRIOTISM, and the POOREST/illiterate people who r grabbing the big piece of our country.. and as far as this matter concern this system will never be changes in our country.. do u know why?? Coz we WILL NOT have patriotism here.. corruption will live long here.. if GOD came down underneath it.. and start making change with these stuffs.. surely u wont be alive to see this either.. well I have to confess that I said things about awamilig only.. didn't say anything to BNP.. well it just coz I wsnt here at that time so I don't know what that fat (always trying to make her ass beautiful rather than out country) bitch khaleda zia did before.. I just said whatever I saw in these couple of years.. and one thing for u sweetiepie, u said, "Ami tadayr kachay matha nuabo na.amar kaj ami koray jabo. jokhon dorkar hobay tokhon tumadayr sobaee kay dakbo." U know nothing and u saw people take arms in ur little city kalebodhre (don't know what does it mean though).. Come to this terrorist kiss paradise (Dhaka) and then dare to call people over here.. and u will see whoever come.. gotta suggestion for ya.. stop thinking of these crappy shits.. coz this is all about dark.. u will have nothing with it.. and stop giving these kind of monkey craps on the bulletin board.. I cant write it on a blank paper that.. nothings cant help it.. but only cant bark, hang karenga, tang karenga..

People Discussion
(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

that's a good piece other than the 'tone' and 'treatment' in the writing Megh. liked it.
still, let's be hopeful and give a hand to people like Bushra.

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

bhalobashar kotha jokhon likho, tokhon tho bhasha diye ful fute, aar jokhon argument daow, eei obostha keno hoy????tomaake ekta language course-e bhorti korate ehobe megh!! course taar naam hobe " how to put your arguments in a decent language!"

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

hey do not make him / her shy. he h he

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

I have two questions to mr.Meghwaboti sukrnaputri(did I spell right?)
and mr.shybal(the green plant under the deep blue sea)

1)where do you study(uni)

2)what does your father do?

I will give the answer why did i ask for later o

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

later on*

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

Better if there's no personal attacks.

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

what made ya to think that we gonna(megh n me) disclose ourselves in public.........?especially, the matter of my dad!!!!!!!(ya already know what do I do....don't ya, april?)

('m not ecpectin' to know why ya been asked)

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)


(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

april, answer for your first question: I don't know where megh studied, but I am certain that Shybal studied in megh's uni, and there is a chance that, megh was Shybal's teacher!!

I know Shybal more then a year now, and I saw his transformation!!

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

well, april bhaiya.. it doesnt matter whatever my university tought me or anything.. but i know 2 things to do well.. love madly.. hate madly.. and u kuasha.. i never felt shy for whatever i did and yes u can probably give a hand to bushra.. but u know something.. this pollution wil grab ur hand from ur body..

o jaan o jaan o jaannnnnn!! language course bhorti korale, orai je ulta aamar theke language shikhe felbe..

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