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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, May 20, 2004
From: ~*dushtu*~
~*Time runs faster than we can imagine!*~

~*Time runs faster than we can imagine!*~

its seems like yesterday when i started chatting in b2k...
it was summer of 2000. i was in 10th grade in high school.
actually it was over. anyway, i was so bored and i used to
surf on the day i found this b2k chat room and
started chatting there in daily basis. and invited my high
school best friend neha..who is a indian girl...we both
used to spend like all day and night in seemed
to us really fun.. even in our break time in school we often
talked about this regular b2k chatter. and then one day
i graduated from high school and then my friend moved
away and its been 4 years already. From b2k chatters
i found some really nice brothers and sisters and i should
mention their names. bhaiya, didi, anik bhaiya, shybal bhaiya,
choity apu...and some other new chatters and its been quite
long since i dont chat in its hard for me to recall some
of the new chatters names.. anyway... new chatters i am sure
if you guys continue chatting in our b2k chat room then some
day ofcourse you will also find some or few great souls who
will become very close to heart...may be a very good friend,
may be a very good brother or a sister!
amer bhaiya ekta kotha shob shomoy bolto amai and now i believe in
"God never disapoints true souls"

People Discussion
(Thursday, May 20, 2004)

nice posting dushtu....b2k'r shobai ke amar kache bhalo lage...although i don't know everyone..i have also met a lot of wonderful ppl in B2K ..too many to name

(Thursday, May 20, 2004)

nuton jibon tumar suki hok ei kamonae ...hoitho ba nuton der kew abar tumake japanese doly ofer korbe...sojothone 2 hath bariye nibe ei protthashae...sonar shongshar sonae bhore utuk..

(Thursday, May 20, 2004)

dushtuuuu time does run fast...nice posting...good to seeu around dear..although many of us have drifted apart..yes met some wonderful people from this room...right ima aps??...all thanks to b2k!!..good luck with the new step of life dushtu moni

(Thursday, May 20, 2004)

Wooooow, amar 4 years kobe hobe #crap#.
Congrates ~*dustu*~.

(Thursday, May 20, 2004)

Hmm Dushtu di, onek kichui akhane manush peyeche, temoni onek kichu hariyeche, tobe bhalo laga tuku e mone rakha ucit..
bhalo theko, tomar new life ta shundor ok..hope so.
n also thankS b2k grateful tooo..
Take care...Image Code: 16-001

(Thursday, May 20, 2004)

Dushtu Di, bhalo theko always!

(Thursday, May 20, 2004)

Amar oo 3 bochor hoea gache .. !! Time time er motoi jai .. Fast o jai na slow o jai na .. Maje maje amora fast ba Slow hoi .. R dush pore bechara time er upor ..
Image Code: 09-016

(Friday, May 21, 2004)

wish u all the best.. tomar hathi ta Rahol niyeche

(Saturday, May 22, 2004)

i can remember ya
i can view the chatting
i can recall the hati
i can never forget dushtu di

stay fine

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