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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2001
From: kuashaa
to all BOHURUPEE of the world.

ordinary moral understandings, as well as many major traditions of all moral theory, recognize that there are some things which a moral person will not do, no matter what. the harming of innocent people, lying, enslavement and degradation ? these are all things decent people shrink from, though great good might seem to come in particular cases from resorting to them.
disguise is another kind of immoral act. in this civil world only people with obscured background can follow and support it. one person; with different identity; every separate identity signifies different opinion; every different opinion goes back to one person; and that person got some concrete belief and principle ? if somebody asks me to believe it, i would rather be buried in my grave and go home to my lord, and be free.
this is the question of not morality only, this is the question of principle, personality and attitude. attitude to one?s own life and how people get treated by him/her as well. it is insanity.
may creator bless us all from these falcon eyed creatures. aameen.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, August 21, 2001)

vai, amar olpo koy diner oviggotai dekhlam internet hoilo jemon khushi temon sajor jaiga.

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

kintu je jemon tar rup neteo temoni ashe.. koila dhuile moila jai na..

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

porichoyer madhhom aaar taar bebohar aakhtere besh aakta bhumika raakhe .... mukhaboyob jokhon porichoyer madhhom tokhon shollo chikitshoker shahajje olpo bistor shonshodhon nitibodh ke bhongo kore na ... jotokhhon na shompurno bhaabe nijeke bodle fele notun bhaabe uposthapone korar obhiprai thaake ... jotokhhon na aai notun mukhochhobir ontarale purono ponkilota dhakar probonota thaake...
shamanno aai poriborton jokhon ujjolota nirdesh kore tokhon shadore brihottomo goshthi taake grohon kore ...
ondhokor kuthuri .. te jaara oti matrai aalokshonbedonshil taara tokhon shongshoye proshno tole...

aajker aai shomaaje choddobeshe nijeke dheke rakhar probonta jemon roeyeche temni kukhaatao oporadhi ke srinkhol poranor aakta bohul procholito upay hochhe aai choddobesh ...

tokhon proshno hoy tobe ki aamra choddobesh ke daayi korbo???

praygik khetro, proyoger pechoner uddesho,aar niyomtantrikota rokhha'r oporibortoniyotai nirdhadharon korbe nitibhongo aar nitirokhhar shimarekha...
aamra jeno ta khuje paai ..aai kamonai ..

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

megh, arektu jherey kaashben please?

(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)


(Thursday, August 23, 2001)

tt mane ki, heemel????

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