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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2004
From: Ruhy

I know at times I have not been the best,
and there were times that I have failed your tests.
There were days when you were oh-so alone,
a couple of sad times with no-one's fault but my own.

I would give you anything I can, anything at all,
I wish I could be there to catch every tear that might fall.
I wish that forever wasn't just a word you say.
I love you, baby, please don't go away.

I may not be your knight in shinning armor, as you see,
but only for you I am being the best I can be.
I love you even more than you know,
you never leave me, you're in my heart wherever I go.

Please kiss me and hold me so tight,
encourage me that things will be all right,
That I am not wrong for loving a person like you,
a person who makes all of my dreams come true.

A true person I am, as I always will be,
I have been very stupid lately, please forgive me.
Give me one more chance, hell, maybe two,
but whatever happens I don't ever want to lose you.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, May 12, 2004)

very very nice poem........ ...........

(Wednesday, May 12, 2004)

well cant offer u all that u r asking for from ur friends nice poem though....

anyways.. how have u been??? hvnt seen u around for ages

(Thursday, May 13, 2004)

(Thursday, May 13, 2004)

nice Ruhy

(Thursday, May 13, 2004)

Hey Ruhy, nice..

Where r u? long time no see...? take care..

(Thursday, May 13, 2004)

hey sb am a bit busy now but i do go in on b2k wheneva i get da opportunity but u guyz r neva there!!!....dats da question i wanna ask not u!!!.....WHERE R U GUYZ?!!?...n u cross n da lot....

(Thursday, May 13, 2004)

Umm Ruhy i think u r going to the "backup" server of the chat room..

Use the "original server" of b2k chat room.. while logging in.. Hope it will work for u this time

best of luck with ur works

(Friday, May 14, 2004)

hey yes i am!.....thanks 4 lettin me know tho.....and good luck to u too...

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