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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, August 20, 2001
From: shybal
Is This Cyber Love the Real Thin'?..........

Excitement, anticipation, friendship, intensity, and fantasy fulfillment are all elements of an online infatuation. All these emotions are true but they aren't necessarily true love. Don't get me wron'.......there's nothin' bad about feelin' passionate!!!!!!!!!

True love is made up of more than passion n excitement(though, I don't believe in such craps but I see ya allllll). It also requires respect, physical n emotional understandin', n acceptance.....flaws n all. It involves long-lastin' attachment, devotion n commitment. as well as a day-to-day concern for each other's welfare........

If fantasy is enough for ya, that's fine. But if ya want to find true love, you 've to take the leap and agree to meet in person. Ya could consider these guidelines for your first encounter(who they believe in n look for so called love):-----

*After typin' n talkin'.... it's photo time. Exchange recent photos

**Arrange to meet. The farther ya 've to travel, the more ya 'll have to plan--but it can be done.....

***Lower your expectations, and don't expect perfection. You'll 've an easier time meetin' n gettin' to know your online friend by bein' realistic

****Go places together, like the movies, dinner, concerts, sportin' events, dance or comedy clubs......

*****Give yourself a time limit for your meetings. If things work out, ya can always extend the time!!!!!!!

******Be aware and listen carefully. Compare her face to her voice and writin'. Does what your lady says fit her facial expressions and body language(should I skip this word?)? Does what she said online relate to what she's sayin' n doin' now? If you're attracted to each other, the final question should be, do you trust her?.......

No matter what happens, the wonderful thin' is that ya 've a pal to talk to and confide in. If your connection doesn't turn out to be real love, there's still a big, wide world of cyber adventures awaitin' ya................

People Discussion
(Monday, August 20, 2001)

well written man.

(Monday, August 20, 2001)

I shouldn't 've waste my time to writin' on this craps...but tried to get back somethin' to ya, KanchonMon apu..........thats all!!!!!!!!!!!

('caz ya misjudged me but forgot that I 'm the stupid who could go byeyond of most of everythin')......n its true I would be the worst one in this circumstancessssss!!!!!!

(Tuesday, August 21, 2001) I realised, how you have become the "LOVER BOY" in B2k chat room, bhaia!!

cactus of-morubhumi
(Wednesday, August 22, 2001)

Nice one mia bhai.

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