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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, May 06, 2004
From: dark_angel
Ajkaal manushrt mullo kom mone hoi jibjontu thekhe... :(

Maybe we have all heard in the news and also saw in the websites of how the US jailers are torturing the iraqi prisoners with an cold heart...
In the newspaper I saw that one US jailer tied a dog's belt around thi iraqi man..and was dragging him like a dog.....where is the world all the love among human beings is slowly going away from us???

There was also another news in the website I saw today which was that a group of three or four naked prisoners tied together on the ground outside their cells as US troops mill around them.There was also a photograph of a naked prisoner wearing a black pointed hood handcuffed to the bars of his prison cell, and a naked prisoner with a pair of women's underpants over his head tied to a metal bunk bed...we talk about world peace..our great leaders talks about world peace,humanity, this peace ?? or is this what is happening in IRAQ is democracy????..if this is what they call peace and all I don't know what the real peace is

People Discussion
(Friday, May 07, 2004)

>>> BONDHU.NET<<< I to make a international frind circle.

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

kono jati kono desh ononto kaal dhore taar trasher rajotto kayem rakhte pareni,

ichchay houk onichchay houk markinider sechchacharitar poton somasonnyo,

bipul bhoibhobe orbe ekhon bijoy nishan prachcher hate,

bittoyo shalider chittyo binodon aaj riktoder rokto pane,ha ha ha

bhebona sei rokto o bishaktyo hobe prokkitiri ahobane,

proshnota keboli somoyer.

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

We do know its wrong and do know we would do, that is: just act as blind and deaf, cause we cant prevent or protect the brutality as we dont have the power enough to do so. What is Humanity is now in the hands of the leadres of the Earth. And if we try to do something against them, we must be banished like others who have tried a bit to do something like this, as Palestne, Iraq, Afganistan and many others.
We cant do something to protect our brothers as we are not united, there are confussions and mental differences among us, so how could we be in a body to do so. So we do our own disgrade of losing the Humane behavior to treat us below animals. So what would we do? as we cant do anything, but we can make quarrels between us and remain under the shade of others and have them take our precious all, and even honour and values. Thanks though who have an eye to see these and feel sorrow. Allah Hafez.

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

this is bush-democracy

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

Yap i admit deep's writing but will we witness all those forever??? No..we wont...Many powerfull leaders like Hitlar who were cruel over the people are now disapered...why...because we all protested them...we made piece...then why we again bow our head to the powerfull leaders???
We should protest them...and the main weapon is our UNITY...


(Friday, May 07, 2004)

i hate bush....( amake abar dhorbe na to police... bush ke bolchi hate kori e jonno ........bhoy peyechi)

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

democracy??? lol

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

Bushhh (Bashh)Said just sorry for those iraqi prisoners and he is not gonna take any action for the US solders ..

We cant do anything for our brothers and sisters except duaa ..

(Saturday, May 08, 2004)

lol, Iraq a democracy?? ata akta pagoler prolap akhon...
jara nijeder k shovvo bole dabi kore, tader mukhosh to dekha jacche din din..
amar to mone hoi ar beshi din nei, jedin world ar protiti manush USA n UK dekhlei ariye cholbe shob kichu theke...
Bondi der obostha shotti painful..

(Sunday, May 09, 2004)

hate this bush...ore keu mare na marbe ami tare purushkrito korbo...laden jemon ghosona dise amio temon ekta dilam

(Sunday, May 09, 2004)

bortoman bishsha cholchhe 'jor jar mulluk tar' aai nitite....bush holo aai nitir sobcheye shoktishali manus...thik manus noi...omanus...tar chikitsha dorkar...jodi kono vuul karone o ditiyo bar se nirbachitor hoye jai president hisabe...tahole khabor achhe..sara bishsher....manus sottikar orthe e dekhte parbe sontrash ki abong koto prokar????
aar democracy???funnny things.....there is no place in this world ......there is democracy .....its a atucratic.......
asole e amora par korchhi ekti songkotmoy somoy...

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