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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, May 06, 2004
From: Ruhy

heyyy when is b2k gonna start workin again?? i think its bout time!!!!

People Discussion
(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

B2k is working!!

(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

I was down yesterday for some time .. Its working now Ruhy ..
Image Code: 09-016Image Code: 09-016Image Code: 09-016

(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

matha'r screws khub shomshombhoboto maalibaag-er chourastar mor-e pore gechhe..

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

B2K kita #conpused#, ami ki tare chini na jani. Koi thake , ASL??

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

hey Rainman ya screws beeb lossened!!! lol...where r all da chatters then?? i jus been there n not 1 chatter there!!!

(Friday, May 07, 2004)

what's "beeb" ..donno what's "lossened" too..I guess you lost your screws in "Los Angeles"..ain't it? Image Code: 00-007

n one thing...B2k works always...just the server gets down sumtimez..but when it gets down u can't even log onto it's not possible to find out someone when u're not logged in ..n if u where chatting there then askin "heyyy when is b2k gonna start workin again??" worths nothing

(Saturday, May 08, 2004)

heyy wots up wid ya? if u dont understand ask sumbody or woteva!........i have logged in to see but how wud u know dat!!!...........anyway i aint got all da time inda world to keep on goin in b2k to see if its workin i got loadsa other things to do unlike u!

(Saturday, May 08, 2004)


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