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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, May 06, 2004
From: ima
My precious ............................

To all my fellow Lord of the Ring fans, attached is a link to my Lord of Ring Album. Yes my friends, I have been to Middle Earth…and finally found my precious, it is not a GOLD Ring, but a little town called *Arrow Town*….. one day I shall be migrating there…!!!! Everyone is welcome to have a look at the pictures, they only capture a small part of NZ’s natural beauty, one has to be there in person to appreciate the real beauty…I shall stop blabbering, the pictures speak for themselves.

I hope the pictures inspires all my B2K friends, apus, sisters, bhaiyas one way or another….the poets (Oli bhai and others) to write a poem, the artists (Misty apu) to paint, the travelers to add New Zealand to their list of places to visit and last but not least the missing cat to come back to V …!!!!

Hope this link works, if not do let me know.

People Discussion
(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

Very happy to know you had a wonderful time ma lady, I would love to visit NZ, the pictures are just amazing. Thanks for sharing them with us.

(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

Hmm sundor sundor jaigar pic Kima apu
Image Code: 09-016

(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

its been on the list loong back [even before lord of the rings] after seeing these pics!! i really wanna go thereeeeeeeeeee!!.. ..but whennn??..oh well someday hopefully...i think i have told u before..telling u for like the 101th time...WOW!!!!!!!!

(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

Ima may I have some of these pics, I belive you have my e-mail address? Plz send all if poss, cheers.

(Thursday, May 06, 2004)

Nice pics Ima, I took a sneak peek to your other album too, haven’t noticed little Frodo anywhere….hmm.

It may require a lot of efforts to get that Cat back. It’s not a mean Cat, but it’s a very cruel one. Chances are, it may not come back…..I may have to give up on it. But you were right, it was spotted in OK Corrral engaged in a fierce gun fight with Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp, over a little mouse, of course

(Saturday, May 08, 2004)

Jac hey how are u doing? yes i do have ur e-mail add, will send u the pics.

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