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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2004
From: Priyanka

If I fall along the way
pick me up and dust me off.
and if I get too tired to make it
be my breath so I can walk

If I need some other love
give me more than I can stand
and when my smile gets old and faded
wait around I'll smile again

shouldn't be so complicated
just hold me and then
just hold me again

can you help me I'm bent
I'm so scared that I'll never
get put back together
you're breaking me in
and this is how we will end
with you and me bent

If I couldn't sleep could you sleep
could you paint me better off
could you sympathize with my needs
I know you think I need a lot

I started out clean but I'm jaded
just phoning it in
just breaking the skin

start bending me
It's never enough
I feel all your pieces
start bending me
Keep bending me until I'm completely broken in

shouldn't be so complicated
just touch me and then
just touch me again...

- Matchbox 20

People Discussion
(Tuesday, May 04, 2004)

Will I help??

(Wednesday, May 05, 2004)

...but i`ll never let u fall

(Wednesday, May 05, 2004)

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