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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, August 20, 2001
From: shybal
Save the child........

Corporal punishment has been banned in many parts of the world, but that does not stop people hurtin' children in the name of discipline......

A fundamentalist Christians engaged in a month-long battle to win the right to spank their children are pullin' all strings possible to defend their beliefs.... The story was about a community called the Church of God in Copell(TX), about 55 kms from my livin' place where social workers rescued seven children from their homes after their parents refused to stop usin' sticks and switches to discipline them!!!!!!!!

The objection hangs on one small point: States Criminal Code allows corporal punishment with reasonable force n inflictin' physical force on a child in the name of good behaviour is reportedly allowed by the Bible, as interpreted by the community.......

In Bangladesh, over the past year or so, there have been too many incidents where teachers have disciplined their young students, causin' them serious bodily (not to mention emotional and mental) trauma, in one memorable case even killin' the child(i had seen in my place). Similar occurrences have been reported from all over the world. In the US, particularly, horror stories of child abuse by parents to stop a child cryin'....

mostly at the callousness of a God(does he really exist) who would allow this sort of thin' to happen to someone who in no way could have deserved it

It is not that smackin' a child is wron' ? my parents have done it to me, as have many parents all over the world to their children, especially when misbehaviour has crossed a certain limit. It is that the whole concept of reasonable force is sometimes so loosely interpreted that it itself crosses limits of civilised conduct and a child is injured in some way for life.(The newspaper report said that the courts agreed with the idea of disciplinin' a child but suggested strongly that there were other ways of doin' it, ways that would not be destructive instead of practical and useful.....)

Talkin' to a youngster in the language it understands works far better than a beating(my opinion). A few repetitions, as so commonly advised by popular psychology columns in publications, do the trick well enough. A chronic case of misbehaviour would need very subjective and individual counselin'......

In most urban schools, corporal punishment is not an option for teachers any longer. Caning, once so popular especially in boardin' generally disallowed today. Whipping, beatin'with hot irons or similar abusive procedures are almost sacrilegious, injurious to the child in particular, the parents and society in general. The more a child is thus hurt, the more he or she learns that similar behaviour is acceptable n in fact, almost expected of every adult. n the abused child grows up to become an abusive adult......which continues the vicious cycle of punishment and pain.......

There comes a time in every life where physical action is needed to get rid of anger, of frustrations, of pent-up pain. But hittin' a child is like hittin' a kitten. just sheer cruelty. How can anyone look into such innocent eyes and inflict such pain on someone who is, most often, just too youn' to understand what is happenin'and why?

(one of my niece in here got injured........n merely saved her left eyeeeee!!!!!!!)

People Discussion
(Monday, August 20, 2001)

(Monday, August 20, 2001)

Do you still understand what is happening, and why???

(Monday, August 20, 2001)

ya sound like wanna spank on my ass n beat the hell outta hereeee, KanchonMon!!!!!!!...

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