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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, April 26, 2004
From: BB_Media_Post
"The 19th March's Get Together.." --- from Deeppurple

Reasons for the late: (Sorry #crap# for the late...)

At first I must say sorry for the late as my exam is going on. Though I tried to finish it fast but couldn’t finish it as the story is not small enough to describe. And I was waiting for the pictures too, these days my net service has been in great problems, so... it took a great time to post it at last #crap# Image Code: 00-003. And the pictures were not well enough to post with it. So, please don’t mind. .

The starting of this: (Ho ho! no no! #crap# )

I should pay my respect and love to you all in the room. It was great! Simply great!! Though we were small in number but were in a body and with bold voice. We didn’t even know how we could do. Fardin bro was the first man to bring the word before me and did the great massacre to me; cause, after hearing it I become desperate to make it happen. And there was Reshma too to share the responsiveness’ about the whole thing. We, then started to do, but firstly found nothing to do, ha-ha. When I got touch to some of my senior bhaia and even younger bros, I become more confident about it and become sharp to do anything I need to do. While the total way wasn’t so easy to maintain and to hear words from different angle! But I want to thank you all by the way everyone helped me. Sb da was the man to direct me to go the way, and there was Mars da every where to let me know what to do in that very moment. Jubok bhaia was also one of the inspirer to make it happen. Though Cross da and budda bhaia didn’t come, they were a big one to help and inspire. There were more to assist and come but I am sorry if I have forgotten the names, actually we were able cause for all of us in the B2K.

Our works on it was nothing: (Ki korbo? #crap# ?)

I was always trying to do some works from my own account but all the time I was strictly forbidden by Sb bhaia. And all the time in room or out of the room there was some one to help me I know. As Mars bhaia helped me in many ways to make it the regular way to contact people more directly then we were trying. And there was cross da and virus bhaia to let us inspired and show the way to do it with out direct appearance. And most welcome and thanks to Gemini apu, Asma, Cuty, koli Apu, Raul bro, Pankha bhai(who did try it a lot, though he is not here), Fotu da, Palash bro, sttmd bro, monitor bro, sukhtara (hihi), and Aymer bro.

That very day: (Mars bhai, panjabiwala! )

At 2:35pm, it was a hot afternoon when I went to find and make the crowd in the B2K place. I thought it would be a big one. So I was wondering from B2K place to the front of Anam Rangs Plaza thinking that some may not know the B2K place right like me (haha), and looking to find curious faces finding some people. I called Sb bhaia and heard that he was been in the way; aha cool; at least one! There in the stair I found a smart guy (panjabipora) looking anxious and finding someone while talking with somebody in one cell holding another in hand! ‘Is it someone of us?’- I thought….err... Should I ask or, not; should I... (??!). Taking a deep breath I started to follow him and catch him in the escalator and shouted in a mood of inquiring, “Iftekhar bhai!”(It was an absolute mistake cause, it wasn’t him). He said, “nope, But who r u?” I become confused already and didn’t know what to say but uttered, “Its ok, thanks.” I returned to the place where I was before. Just thinking about my recent ‘dhora khawa’ ( haha). So, I started again my previous routine. Suddenly the ‘Panjabiwala’ appeared again in the front of the plaza and talking a bit loudly. I tried to peep and was become straight listening, “No, nobody! even Deep is not here, oder kew nei ekhane!”. I gulped and said, “Deep, here.” He saw me attentively and let the cell off by small ending; made a warm handshake; and introduced himself as ‘Mars’. I become delighted and thought the number is two now, good! Then he asked me to join him up but I told there were some of us who will come below here. So, Bhaia asked me about the number of the people to come cause the tables should be reserved, and then I become a bit confused cause it was about 3pm and no one but us have arrived or I don’t know how many will come or not!! Bhaia got my mind and asked of booking one table, I become relieved.

The starting of losing the hope: (Devil’s Eye bro! :: Fardin)

So, Mars bro was up in Boomers again and I was out to wait for others. I was becoming more pal with the time going and every time I was unable to find any of us. After about fifteen minutes the Devil’s Eyebrow came. It was Fardin, he came and I informed him about all the things happened yet and told sb bhai was in his way there. Then we were two to wait there. Time was going its won way and we were eagerly waiting for more people to come.

A turn into hope: (Sb bhai from Rickshaw with a pack in hand! ! Is it him??)

Sb bhai came with formal dress up, though he made me not to be so formal in dressing by the phone before. We meet him outside and made him to go up. A man of patient and gentle face. Nothing happened after that for a while, Mars bhaia called us up and we got there (me and Fardin). We saw there sb bhai was in relaxing mood chewing gum, mars bhai is getting his mobile work (transferring phonebook), and jubok bhai just leaning before the sofa. So we become five in number, now it’s the time to get the lessons as a naïve from mars bhai. He asked me who else I expect to come, I told some names, and he taught me two rules #1. I won’t tell, #2. I won’t tell too. Sb bhai and mars bhai rebuked me for not connecting directly through phone or cell or somehow. Actually I believed too much on people much and expected more than reality. I had forgotten it because the meeting becomes so, so damn good that it was away from my mind.

The temporary middle situation: (M&M: Monitor and Meshel joined, Cool & Bachelor, haha! J)

So that’s it, at last we got six people among us. At a time a call came to sb bhaia’s mobile and it was monitor, he was just beside the table and tending to find us, we got him. Jubok bhai got pleased to know monitor as he used to make a good conversation with him as ‘moni khala’. We get a bit cheer up the total environment was not too bad for us. We were talking all other in a new style of chatting; the amazing real people, who were been free and frank so much that we were so known to each others, and laughing at one another while discussing the chatting events. It become a place of khocha khuchi, haha, really cool ,each are were reveling all that each knows there, so damn cool situation and even we didn’t talk well while laughing so much. Sb bhai was there as a gentle boy but was passing dangerous delivery to make a big laughter, Mars bhai was letting us know about some of the rules to handling or tackling chatters (specially Girls). How to make them easy, calm and make good relation to know her well and.. .. .. .. ok am leaving it. Jubok bhai was same as before just listening to all. Rest of us (new ) were just listening eagerly and having the joy to share of all these cheerful adda. In the mean time I called meshel to come, he arrived.

Here the Devil comes: (Wrath bhai, Doc with no nurses, )

Sbbhai and all were asking to start the lunch as we are already very much late, we went to the counter and have our foods ordered and got them and came back to table. Some of us didn’t have their lunch as they have already or are going to have it later. So we mostly started to have our lunch. And all of us got coke to drink. The Devil came, wrath bhai, with stylish manner and a strong voice, as ‘Hey all kiddos! What’s up? All here, having fun, bla, bla,…… ’ I didn’t mark the last words cause I was staring at him; just got caught in his voice and stopped my fork and spoon to move. He shook hand with all while asking the names(nicks obviously..!), as some of us were new. At my name he asked me to seat beside him and I did so, I think I was about to get up in his lap, I got a daktari khocha in my belly, it was so pure, haha. He called me picchi, ‘Haha come here you lill kidd, what have you done, how dare you . It was a great felling, haha. All of us got shook for the second time in laughter. Wow what a crap it was.

While getting lunch: (boc bhai comes, ewwww , what a bhaia! so cool #goodboy# )

In the passway there appeared boc bhai, we were in a joy of life , a great pleasure and didn’t know what to do or say just watching each others and becoming more close than ever and knowing each other in newer dimensions and being more and more interested. Wrath bhai was talking about going outside n the B2K place and was rebuking the ac café surrounding. Why can’t we go to the open and fresh air instead of this clumsy room. Actually he was expecting biri, haha. Boc bhai supported him adding the tea. According to them it was unbearable to ac’er batash khawa and mars bro was the target; we got our foods and drinks finished and prepared to get out of the ac hall, haha. We are outta there. We then returned to our B2K place and have the great boc bhai tea and so called biri thing (B&H) which emerged from boc bhai’er pocket.

Fun begins here too: (Decisive Greenish lady Warrior came with usko khusko chul)

Mars da and Fardin bro started teasing me as if I was a little boy. It started about some girls, haha; and seeing each one they were making me aware of asking her if she was someone of us. And I was being conpused too . Everyone there was in a mood of fun and was asking each other romantic and marrattok questions which can’t be answered in a proper way. So the answers were marrotk too to bear, it was simply the talks of dom fatano one. We also discussed about some of deficiencies and facts of B2K too. We remembered all of our respectable chatters and well wishers, and prayed for the better future of B2K too. As I called warrior bro, he came in a daring mood finding all of us and about to loose his temper on me . The boro bhaiaz were there to tackle him, haha. He got his chatgaiya jubok bhai as borda, and forgot all, haha. All of us there were more delightful and couldn’t hold ourselves to express our thoughts and facts. It was a great time. After having much fun some of us were about to leave. Wrath bhai, sb bhai, boc bhai went for their necessary respective destinations. So there were Mars bhai, Jubok bhai, monitor, warrior, meshel and Fardin.

Second Spell of Adda: ( haha, wow, Aymer joined …#cracked#)

While the time going the evening came and as it was a bit worm we get back to the Boomers; meshel and warrior went to their place. We were four of us then. I and Fardin were to listen the words (precious and priceless) from Mars bhai and Jubok bhai, and sharing the joy of adding some too. There was a big party beside of us in the hall in the café, but most of the spectators were looking eagerly to us for our laughter and shouting while they had a little sound system too. It made them confused while attending the part, haha. Jubok bhai was found as the directory of all chatters (specially girls ). He has the directory in his hard disk(Head Quarter). And Mars bhai, he was been all the time in the chat room and a decisive person to make one confused and make him/ her go his way. Meshel called me informing that Aymer is finding us, and he is wondering all Dhanmondi. I reached to the front of the Plaza and waited for him, then I saw a beared boy of our age is passing me in a hurry murmuring the name ‘Boomers’, I asked him, ’Aymer?’ and spread my hand towards him, he then confusedly hold my hand and stair at me with a great intention and asked in vain. I replied, ‘Deep, here.’ So, he was the 11th of us to join. With Aymer, I return to the adda, and found all in the same situation I left them, I mean loughing and shouting continuously, and we joined again in the crowd. It was really unavoidable to keep away from the words of Jubok bhai; the way he spoke, was really interesting and good to hear, and Mars da, real cool man to make each elaborations before new like us. Aymer added a new dimension through his voice, he was seriously curious about all the things he encountered. He was trying to know all of B2K in a breath. Some very much interesting and peculiar stories and information were been emerging from all of us. And I think all of us were gone mad in joy #nuts#, we were just out of the fence of our age and feelings.

Ses hoeo holo na ses (#crap# add bhangte cai na …):

It become 9:30, Aymer was gone, Mars da, Jubok baia, Fardin and I was there in front of the Plaza till then, and didn’t want to leave the adda. Starting with small it become a big meet yet to break and to describe, such various things happened that it was hard to say all of them in a brief story. But we had to leave anyhow, it was a great feeling to have all there in real and come in touch, it was simply amazing and unavoidable to pass away. It will be a memorable day for all of us. Lastly we want to thank all of us in B2K and those who had came and had inspired all of us. We hope and pray for the better future for all of us, and our beloved B2K too. It will be the place of happiness and joy, sharing well and woes of our everyday life. May God bless all of us, thanking all once again we are here to end the joyful adda of our great get together of B2K and wish there will be more in the future to have all of us in a big one very soon which will be much colorful and enjoyable. Till then miss u all. Bye.

People Discussion
(Monday, April 26, 2004)

moi gentle boy Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

moi gentle boy Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008 Image Code: 08-008

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

Kottoo boro posting reee
Looks like you guyz had fun thing though - "A man of patient and gentle face."
Ekta mulloban advice - Dont be deceived

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

Kottoo boro posting reee
Looks like you guyz had fun thing though - "A man of patient and gentle face."
Ekta mulloban

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

dui bar keno???? Image Code: 00-000

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

khub shundor bornona korecho deep bhai. nice hoyeche

(Tuesday, April 27, 2004)

hmm..besh moja korecho tomra dekchi..

(Tuesday, April 27, 2004)

(Tuesday, April 27, 2004)

ekebare point-e point-e explain korse deepua... ....

(Tuesday, April 27, 2004)

oreee baaps.....etodine shob mone rakhla kemne lombu? kintoo eto pic tulla... ektao to pathaila na....
valo thakish deep..


(Wednesday, April 28, 2004)

Sb Gentle Boy !!!..hahaahaha....hohohohoho #hashte hashte pet fatai#...hehehehhe....huhuhuh...hihih....hahahah #hashte hashte goragori#.....Sb Gentle Boy

(Wednesday, April 28, 2004)

hashte haste moros na ken?

(Wednesday, April 28, 2004)


(Friday, April 30, 2004)

Amar mone hoi kew kew eita porte porte ses na koira ghum dise tai opinoin add hoi nai onek Image Code: 00-003, taw jara ontoto dhorjo sohokare (kew pura da porbo, asha kori nai Image Code: 00-005) dekhchen and likhchen tader jonno thanq er jhuri bhora dhonnobad and dhonnosoho.
BRB bhaia, apnare to gentle boy koinai, koichi apner face re .
BOC bhaia, chobi bhalo hoi nai
Fardu chandu bhalo chobi tulte pare#crap#?
Lotpot bhaia, Virus bhaia and Srabon bhaia wish u were there , ki r kora #sadface#.
BRB-2 bro, tumi khali tomar bhaire chara kowre dekho na #crap#.
And thanks all.
Oi churi Gem, tui nije duita disos ken, ?? ... Nijer ta dekhona ?? #scream#

(Friday, April 30, 2004)

I cant write anything in B2k .. I dont know , why.. just copying from word and pasting.. somehow.. Ki hoilo amar , ???

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