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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, April 25, 2004
From: ontora ..

bhaiya ra apura n pichi ra ..ami ki tomader ke chotto akhta req korte parbo..tomra mon kharap , kanna kati n boka jhoka korata stop koroto plz.. posting korte amar kosto lagche though i have to do now ...amar hotmail n yahoo miliye 43 ta mail korecho tomra ajke one day te n sobi ai type mail ....plz amon korbar kono i karon nai ...amar temon kichu hoini to re ....amar khubi simple akhta operation hobe kidney er ....i mean new akhta kidney add korata ajkal khub easy operation u no worries ...amar to akhon nijer i kharap lagche tomra amon korcho dkehe ami onek onek sahosi akhta meye .ma Bhaiya used to call me onek sahoshi apu tai na amar jonno mon kharap korbei na insallah kichu hobe na amar ...Anik bhaiya naki ai rokom operation every day 2 ta 3 ta nijei korte pare doctor lage na vabo koto easy operation keep smiling ..

sobai je tomra ki suru korle ... amon mon kharap korcho amon kanna kati korcho tomra...amar 2 ta school frd aseche ajke almost 2 days er journey kore ..akhjon abar exam drop kore bose ache ..basar keu i amar samne asche na kotha bolche na ... roja rakhche namaz porche ... atto atto bhalobaso sobai amake dkehe onek bhalo lagche but mon kharap ta dkehte bhalo lagche na moteo...Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it........

aso tomader ke jokes boli suno..

1//Shumon bhaiya(SB) returns from his first day at school and immediately questions his father." Dad, today we had a Spelling Class - All the other kids could only say half the alphabet, but I knew the whole thing. Is that because I am good enough?"
"No son, that's because you are intelligent. "
SUMO seeming content with the answer, asks his father another question, "Dad, today we had Math class - All the other kids could only count from 1-10, I could count from 1 to 20. Is this because I am good enough ??"
"No son, that's because you are intelligent," replies his father.
Happy with the answer, SUMO poses another question to his father, "Dad, today we had Medical Examination, all the other boys were shorter than me, I was at least twice their height. Is that because I am good enough ??"
The father replies, "No son, that's because you are 26 years old."

2//VIRUS and JHUMUR BHABI were sitting on a tree and VIRUS was singing a romantic song for jhumur bhabi. After 4 songs VIRUS hung himself upside down and started singing again.
JHUMUR BHABI : VIRUS, what is the matter with you? Why are you hanging upside down?
VIRUS : I am singing the B side.

sobai plz anonde thako onek..bhalo theko..Promise u that I'll give faith a fighting chance..

People Discussion
ontora ..
(Sunday, April 25, 2004)

Amar khub besi fvt akhta song tomader jonno play kori suno..gan ta amar bhaiay amar jonno play korechilo...

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance

(Sunday, April 25, 2004)

ontoooooo ami eka eka hashchi boshe boshe

Tui kemon achish? hope everythin is goin well with you

(Sunday, April 25, 2004)

ontoooooo ami eka eka hashchi boshe boshe

Tui kemon achish? hope everythin is goin well with you

(Sunday, April 25, 2004)

shudhu 1st part ta porsi ... i am intelligent

and i am not 26 !!

tui ferot ay re aonto

(Sunday, April 25, 2004)


(Sunday, April 25, 2004)

....ontora ..khub funny hoeche...thanks tomake ...taratarishushtho hoe fire esho b2kte ontushi

Apur Bhaiya
(Sunday, April 25, 2004)

"give faith a fighting chance"
That's like my shahoshi apu!!! Allah-r Rohmot-e bhoy pabar moto kichui ghoteni tho apu... emon operation tho ajkaal hordom-i hoy... just keep faith and be strong apu... joto strong thaakbe totoi taratari shustho hoye uthbe Insha-Allah... shobai tomaake kotto miss korche dekhchona apu? kaajei be strong and get well very soon... fee-amanillah apu... oneeeeeeeeek doa roilo apu-taar jonno...

(Sunday, April 25, 2004)

hey ontora..
tomar kichhu hobe na..dekho..sob thik hoye jabe..mone sahos rakho...aar tumi to jothesto sahosi......aai ami ekbar onek osustha gon asha chhere diyechhilo...amar pran priyo baba sarakhkhon amar pashe boshe kadten....dirgha 17 din sensless thakar por o ami beche gechhi...moner sahos ottonta joruri...tumi o dekhbe sob kichhu tomar moto kore e hoibe....valoo theko.i'll see ya soon .....

(Sunday, April 25, 2004)

InSAllah Shob Kichu Thik Hoye Jabe...
Amader Doa Ache Tor Shathe....Ontu..Image Code: 06-013

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

ontora..doya kori jeno valo hoye utho taratari.........

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

May god bless all of us..
hopefully everything will be alright by the fraction of time..because "time is the best killer"

valo thakben

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

~~'puu~~....jemon ti bolechhi....tomaar koshto gulo'r protisthapon ghotchhe ei Operation-er moddhe diye. notun je ongsho ti ashchhe..sheta tomaar kangkhito aanodo r bhalobasha'r upoma matro. fir-e aashbe tumi amader majhe---eta amader bishshash.

(Monday, April 26, 2004)


(Monday, April 26, 2004)

ontora..khub moja laglo jokes guli pore..and nice to ciya bold and happy..inshallah..everything will be just perfect..canada r medical treatment world famous..tai mon kharap korona.. will be waiting to see ur happy face soon

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

Ontu ..
Duwaa roilo ..

(Monday, April 26, 2004)

No worries sister....u'll get soon and come back to b2k.....we are all waiting...

Aar Sb cccc tui to 26 na tui holi 22....2yrs dhore tui 22 roisos

(Thursday, April 29, 2004)

good to see u again Misty u pots and pots

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