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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2001
From: Agnibina
*^*more than a feeling...its u who in running in my blood...*^*

I adore everything about her, I love her charms, and her faults too. A thought comes into my heart, she would utter the same. When she is with me, I feel as if she is my soulmate of every life . Perhaps it is a song penned by me, The one she keeps humming. Have you heard of this advice, Without love there is no life. I have gone through all punishment, At least now tell me what is my crime? That I love u?? or for that I said your laughter is more precious than millions of pearls to me. Dreams hanging on my wall, who has painted them all?? you?? Why call out for clouds , have they ever belonged to anyone? Whenever I remember , I miss you too much, Your memories haunt me, hurt me, In sunlight, in shade , even in clouds , Your face keeps appearing to me. I saw u walking on a songs rhythm, saw a song burning for u till to the death. On the first look my eyes were set on you. Read, this is your future, said my heart to me. Now a days I have stopped going on morning walk, Flowers & plants in the garden keep asking about you. Like strikes of assailant this blows of wind Is creating a storm in my heart sea. My priceless treasure you are to me I'll love her for eternity. her precious skin it seems to glow I kiss her, her picture, her smell surrounding to my room soft and whisper things to let her know the love I bring to her, is only she… only she… no one else.

People Discussion
(Saturday, August 18, 2001)

tell us one thing, Agnibina, where did you met her first??

(Saturday, August 18, 2001)

ei online e.

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