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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2004
From: -Gemini-


Stranger than your sympathy
This is my apology
I'm killing myself from the inside out
And all my fears have pushed you out

I wish for things that I don't need
All I wanted
And what I chase won't set me free
All I wanted
And I get scared but I'm not crawling on my knees

Oh yeah everything's all wrong yeah
Everything's all wrong yeah
Where the hell did I think I was

Stranger than your sympathy
I take these things so I don't feel
I'm killing myself from the inside out
Now my head's been filled with doubt

It's hard to lead the life you choose
All I wanted
When all your luck's run out on you
All I wanted
You can't see when all your dreams are coming true

Oh yeah it's easy to forget yeah
You choke on the regrets yeah
Who the hell did I think I was

Stranger than your sympathy
All these thoughts you stole from me
I'm not sure where I belong
Nowhere's home and I'm all wrong

And I wasn't all the things
I tried to make believe I was
And I wouldn't be the one to kneel
Before the dreams I wanted
And all the talk and all the lies
Were all the empty things disguised as me
Yeah stranger than your sympathy stranger than your sympathy...

- Goo Goo Dolls

People Discussion
(Sunday, April 18, 2004)

(Sunday, April 18, 2004)

kar kache apology...ok ok shob shatgun maf

(Monday, April 19, 2004)

Gimi #Happy#

(Monday, April 19, 2004)

darkkyyy...ami abar ki korsi je apolize korum
Eta amar khubi pochondor ekta gaan...I looovvee the Goo Goo Dollsssss Image Code: 08-000

(Tuesday, April 20, 2004)

kichu korish nai to...but janishi to ami khub doyaban manush taile emni emni maaf korlam

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