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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, April 12, 2004
From: sttmd19
How does this trick works?

Tareq says 2 all the chatters, I can tell u when ur birthday is, if u tell me the answer 2 the following :

i) Multiply the number of ur birth month by 5. (if u were born in September, then multiply 9 by 5)

ii) Add 7.

iii) Multiply the result by 4.

iv) Add 13.

v) Multiply that total by 5.

vi) Add the number of the day on which ur birthday falls. (if u were born on 3rd of April, add 3, etc.)

vii) Subtract 205 from the total.

Now, ur answer will b either 3 or 4 digit figure. If it is a 3 digit number, the 1st digit will b the month and the next 2 digit will b the day of ur birthday. If it is a 4 digit number, the first two digits will b the month and the last 2 digits will b the day of ur birthday.

M I rite?

People Discussion
(Monday, April 12, 2004)


(Monday, April 12, 2004)

koto century tee bash korchii

(Tuesday, April 13, 2004)

Bekkol a aka akai hashe...

Rony Salman
(Tuesday, April 13, 2004)

Not that tricky really, you wanna know how that trick works, well here it is. The equation formed with the series of instructions simplifies into following:
{4(5X+7)+13}5+Y-205= 100X+Y, where X is the birth month and Y, the birth day! Now the solution is easy, if it is, April 17, the equation would come up as 100*4+17, means 417!

(Wednesday, April 14, 2004)

Old one re Tareq ..

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