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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, April 07, 2004
From: Aunto
~~itz ur day gal~~

Happy Birthday To The Most Generous Girl I Have Ever Met In Real

Jonmo Din er Nityo Notun Shuvechchha ~~Fulon-Devi~~

People Discussion
(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

kar kotha bolchis re aunto?..same wish for her from me too

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

Haida abar keda Aunto?? Fulon Devi wish korteo to bhoy korse. jodi guli koreeee bhagooooooo

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

keda re????

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

Happy Birthday Fulon-Debi

Uni ke ?? #chintito# ..

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

hahahaha.. Aunto je koiththeika eto jogar kore..ekdin fulondevi,jhasi ki raani,kajerbeti rahima,... koydin por "saas vi kavi bohu thi" re birth day wish korbo...

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

ami jani but kewke bolbo na happy birthday to u fulon devi, have a great birthday..

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

happy birthday to u fulon devi, have a great birthday..
.. kintu chinta parlam na uni kaImage Code: 00-005 ...

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

happy birthday dear unknown

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

happy birthday doshhu rani

aunto... heti most generous kon dik dia...doshhu giri dik dia naki?

(Wednesday, April 07, 2004)

Ai Devi ta Keda..?

Nway, Shuvo Jonmo Din..Devi Bhabi..

(Thursday, April 08, 2004)

a big tank and lots of rifle and huge amount of bullet for her as a birthday gift Aunto Bro....and convey my greeting of Birthday to her


(Thursday, April 08, 2004)


(Thursday, April 08, 2004)

ker kotha koi re ami to kissu bhujlam naaaaaa

(Thursday, April 08, 2004)

I knew that....she won't response a single word here...but i really wud like to pass all ur wishes to her.....thanQ all
~~~~Oh...porichoy!!!...thak na O-jana.
~~sweet sis.~~...i made that

(Thursday, April 08, 2004)

aurika sis amake bolte hobe..pish pish kore bole dao...ami kau ke bolbo na Aunto..tumi whisper kore bolo amake ..tara tari..i plomise i won't tell anyone ..anyway whoever she she is happy b'day ...all the best

(Thursday, April 08, 2004)

I knew her right Aunto???
Uski aur kon hogi???? JASSI JAISI KOYI NEHI.But her brain is dull not like Jassi

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