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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, April 01, 2004
From: -Gemini-

One day this guy was sitting in his livin room n watchin tv.
Suddenly he hears a knock...and goes up to open the door.
He sees a snail in front of the door..annoyed, he picks it up and throws it awat as far as he could across the yard.

3 yrs later...the same guy watchin the tv..and he hears a knock.
He opens the door and sees the same snail.

The snail goes " What the heck was that for??? Image Code: 00-000"

People Discussion

(Thursday, April 01, 2004)

heck mane ki?

(Friday, April 02, 2004)

tomar moto dekhi slow brain ...

(Friday, April 02, 2004)

(Friday, April 02, 2004)


(Saturday, April 03, 2004)

(Saturday, April 03, 2004)

Gemillaaa #nuts# ..

Rony Salman
(Sunday, April 04, 2004)

Nice one Gem, that reminds me, when I was a kid of 4th/5th grade (bod ovvesh shob-e chhoto bela thekhey!) I went to her, some two years or three older than I, to tell her about my feelings but ended up babbling about something else due to inexperience, shyness and tender age!! Baffled, she closed her door on me!! Some good 13/14 years have passed since then, reading this joke today had me pondering, whether it was too late to call on her, knock on her door and yell as soon as she opens, 'What the heck was that for!!'?? Am a slower than that snail??

(Monday, April 05, 2004)

hey take a chance

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