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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Thursday, August 16, 2001
From: Agnibina
love is painfull?? or pain is love??

Its so complicated i cant tell you how i feel I go weak at the knees everytime i see you. What should i do?? That I really do want all my dreams to come true. Because after just having some beautiful moments i have discovered I love you in many more ways. I love our connection, it's strong and complete somehow, and I love making love to you, with such passion. And I love the way you make me feel young like a kid. love the sound which u whisper into my ears. I think god has created you only for me to love. He chose you from all of the rest cause he knew I wd love you the best. may it leaving behind me a trail of sorrow. I rise to heaven with a piece of tear. Handing you my love and passion. Tears may fall up above But still you r my heart beat. Greet me not with anger, that convinces me to be in a bad mood. for this I give you my love. You give me smiles when I'm all frowns, for this I call you my love. You floated into my life and changed me so much. if you are gone and now my life will be over. might You left without a trace and now my life wd over. shedding blood, and shedding tears deep within your mind, you will always remember my sound, then i will be ur weeping pillow. For I am not an angel, spirit or a god, or something. I am flush and blood. A human in my eyes and I need a tear for death. hey hunny taste the salt and dont say you cant feel the love that runs from your blessed eyes. heaven cant be heaven if you r not here with me, holding me, kissing me, loving me unconditionally. and hell cant be hell while u cant yelling at me, hurting me, haunting me. u r the voice inside my soul that tells the mind and heart. know something, u r the treasure hidden deep and the craving that i never wanted but always knew i couldnt live without. I need no sight to eye yours wing of mirrors near, so near to you I need no sense to know it is you, my blood. my love. You come to me in a warm glow of light. Have you come by your will or by mine or could it be both?? You leave in that same glow of light. Why wont you take me with you while u know i cant live without. I didn't know the need in me but found the answers in your eyes filled a place within my heart I thought was no longer there. Put a lock on my heart, stay inside. Then the wind blew and I saw you standing there smiling, suddenly found everything. To describe his life, one could say he is miserable, to find some happiness in it. It seems that he is not able. It seems no one can see the pain that lives inside him. he loves to dream of being happy someday but for right now, those dreams will seem dim without u like under a colorful mask of disguise. and that I love you too much. watch the waves at the ocean wash over the memories in sand if only my heart could be healed so easily I pour out my heart to you in letters. The first time in my life its been like this. Its amazing what cd happen in 3 years, cause now I am crying the happy tears and dont feel sad anymore cause now u r here with me, brought my world back to me. If we could live there forever like a dream but I want my dream lasting like a never ending horizon. You bring out a part of me, I never knew existed, a part that was born with our first met. now I have a reason to live; now I have a cause, a reason to believe in all the wonderful things of life which has been shown me thru you. An angel flew into my life with wings of silvery light… held my soul, hold my dreams and I know I have found a soul, a love so divine . how I have longed to express my love to you. Shadowed by the sunsets dying light, I lift a lovers pen to spell my love with my blood ink. but the words to express the depth and breadth of my love are not in sight. When we r together, everything seems fills in my dreams. I used to feel incomplete, but not since you entered my life with ur warmth love, that makes all of my tears fade away. you knowing how much i would like to scale every inch of ur inner beauty but for now you will hold the key to my unconditional love. Today I gotta little pain from u… I am becoming tired and weary. Heavy are my eyes. It is so hard to pull myself away from the mysteries in the sky. One more look I want to keep the images in my head, thankful to see u all in my dreams

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