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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2004
From: ssnowfall
Places to Kiss Your Love

Behind their ear.
Tip of their nose.
Back of their neck.
Underside of their forearm.
Curve of their waist.
Palm of their hand.
Inside their wrist.
Under their chin.
Their eyelids.
Inside of their ankle.
Their collar bone.
Tips of their fingers.
Their spine.
Small of their back.
Their tummy.
Behind their knees.

Of course, this is just to give you an idea. Aim to shower your love with kisses ALL OVER!

People Discussion
(Monday, March 29, 2004)

I've tuned it,
I've toiled it,
I've talked it,
I've tugged it,
I've twisted it,
I've transfixed it,
I've trusted on it,
I've tranquilized it,
I've transformed it,
I've trafficked on it,
And lastly I’ve tested it,
And tasted a bit more; but,
But it’s no match for the Love,
Aha, The Love of The Great One.

Rony Salman
(Monday, March 29, 2004)

I went on to read the entire list with pent up breath to see whether the obvious places (lips, etc.) were listed; much to my relief, I calmed down at the end when I noticed that it listed only the delicately stimulating sensual places, not the strong erogenous ones!! Thanks snowfall for the handful list that would come up handy for use in course of time (read the phrase 'in-course-of' correctly) when two minds and bodies snuggle up to skirl, 'It is pleasure time now'!!

(Monday, March 29, 2004)

whoz dat ssnowfall
goshhhhhhhh ... ma nickkk

(Monday, March 29, 2004)

Rony Salman

by the way.. where was ur kiss placed on?

(Tuesday, March 30, 2004)

shoikkhani..eta ke naki onno keu..

(Tuesday, March 30, 2004)

aamar Jaan-er nick use kore itna taQat aachanak kiska peyda huya Image Code: 00-000 "FALL"-er aage to koto kichhu-e add kora jaay "Snow" chhara aar onno kichhu ki aapnar chokhe-ke aakorshon korte paarlo na? Jehetu aapni jaanen B2k-te Snowfall nick keo use kore shehetu aapnar ki uchit hobe/uchit hochchhe BB-te same nick use kore confusin srishti kora?

(Tuesday, March 30, 2004)

shoikkhani #scream# ei modon ami hoi kemne ??? .... eta onno kew Image Code: 00-000

(Tuesday, March 30, 2004)

mejaj kharap lagche jaan ... .. duniyar shob nick thakte amartai nite holo tar ... ...strangeee pplz !!!!!

(Tuesday, March 30, 2004)

..ganet ..nondini nicktao churi koreche .. ...keno je eishob kore..??

(Tuesday, March 30, 2004)

amar dharona ei shei snow er nick nie eta koreche...bisri ekta kaj..shame on u ....

(Tuesday, March 30, 2004)

..ganet ..nondini nicktao churi koreche .. ...keno je eishob kore..??

(Wednesday, March 31, 2004)

bhai o ami janina ke ki kore aamar eai nick pochondo elo tai niye nilam

are or nick snowfall
amar nick ssnowfall

(Wednesday, March 31, 2004)

shoikkha thik bolechish tui ...

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