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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2004
From: Deeppurple
-The Ending of the 'Sabrina Epic'-

This real world is too harsh to make a good way for the joy and love of life. Every time she has come in touch with such heart swelling, rhythmic parse of days the cruel mankind has broken her heart very badly. This time she was a bit cautious; though she rode so fast, the whip was in her hand. Somehow she knew that flavor changes as the time goes like the fading of cosmos and the falling leaves of rhododendron. The vanity won’t go with out revealing all truth; the asymptotic line of reality and virtual deed seems to become closer than ever she had encountered. The goodness of fate was just behind the wall; too close but not to have it in real. She could have the feeling of hearing the sound in her tympanic bulla knocking hardly for their freedom but she could not make the path for their independence; there were a virtual incompleteness of communication between the two verses of the same poem!!

Each eulogy uttered and each peg stood before, was eloped to infinity to make the way to eternity. The falling of her heart didn’t know to where, but still she was aware of the sudden stratified last to come. She was prepared herself for the destiny to face. Her days were going like the autumn’s placid sky’s cloud. The moments with Jim were like to feel the adorable skin of a white little rabbit and hearing the rhythm of the superb breathless music of some world famous musician. And without him she felt like the empty ness of her heart with all her means, until it was the time of his coming to meet her. Each time the meet was filled with heavenly, worm and speechless torture of the entire world to share!

The greatness in her didn’t spare any time span to break the rude and ruthless moments she could have. She had the best of him she could have and now she knows her destiny right now. No fear to fall; no cheer to fail and no time to loss to get in one. It was the best she can have for herself, she thought, and make a way to be in with him somehow.

Maybe Vanity is right. Only one confusion in trying to discern the line between what is virtual and what is real. Best will be to sit back and enjoy the ride. Just don’t fly too high. And now she knows the limit of her desire and she has the key in hand to make everything in her fever.

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