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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 22, 2004
From: zami
ami opekkhey asi.......

ami dekhte chai oi din jedin sobai desh take valo bashbe...jedin rodro ujjol sonali dine ami ghure berabo sadhin vabe...
sedin sunte pabona kono boner acid e jholsano mukher pora khotor tibro chitkar....jedin ovabi mukti joddhar mayer mukher sochcholotar hasi...

ami opekkhay asi sei diner jonno jedin ami dekhbo klanto krishokher mukhe najjo odhikar adayer hasi...

ami sunte chai oi vatiali gan...majhir paler batase khelbe gayer chonchol mayer misti hasi..

ami opekhkhay asi sei diner jonno jedin amra sobai buk fatiye chitkar kore bolte pari dekho bisso amra amar deshke prochondo valo basi....


People Discussion
(Monday, March 22, 2004)

khub kharap lage jokhon amar foreign friend ra amar desh niye obohela kore...


(Monday, March 22, 2004)

dosh amader-e

(Monday, March 22, 2004)

hmmm brO, kichu manusher nijerder sharther jonno ai obistha desh ar..

(Monday, March 22, 2004)

amader kharap thik e lage...kintu nirlozzo rajnitik,durnitibaj officergon,kalo babsayi...sara desh take lute pute khachhe............eder haat theke rehai na pele konodin e shanti fire aasbe na..

(Monday, March 22, 2004)

Rehai pawa ta kader haath e ssswamjee? The more people will tolerate these things..the more will
There are only a few who really stands up and dares to go against oishob nirlojjo rajnitik..durnitibaj officer..kalo bebshayi...etc etc...
Shobai ashole.."Shokter bhokto noromer jom".
Icha holeo most people dont dare to go against them...they think " ki dorkar shudhu shudhu...."etc etc..and tai...those tyrants you described get away wid their deeds...
And that's why it's an increasin problem!

(Monday, March 22, 2004)

zami, shundor apnar chaoa. apnar shei chaoar shathi ami ebong amra shobai. tobe amader shei opekkha hoito ononto kaal dhore cholbe.......karon Gemini'r kothai hoito thik. amra shobai khub beshi compromize korte obbhosto hoye giechi...

(Tuesday, March 23, 2004)

Yes Gemi u r right!!! but the thing is if u tolerate all these then it will never possible to make a dearm country...u r conscoius about ur country and we need like u.The unity of our counsciousness will prove our unlimited cherish....


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