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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2004
From: nam-nai
krishno aila radharr kunje

krishno aila radharr kunje
fule bailo bromora
moyur beshete shajon radhika

doya kore eh gaan er baki lyrics gulu leke dite parben?

People Discussion
(Wednesday, March 17, 2004)

Image Code: 02-034..
Krishno Aila Radhar Kunje
Fule Baila Vromora..
Moyur Beshe Sheje Shajon Radhika...!!

Shoya Chondon Fuler Mala
Shokhi Gone Loiya Aila
Krishnoi Dila Radhai Kole
Bashor Hoilo Ujala..
Bashor Hoilo Ujala..go..
Bashor Hoilo Ujala..
Moyur Beshe Sheje Shajon Radhika...!!

Krishno Dila Radhar Gole..
Radhai Dila Krishno'r Gole..!!
Anonde Shokhi Gon Nache,
Dekhiya Premer Khela.
Dekhiya Premer Khela.gooo..
Dekhiya Premer Khela.!!
Moyur Beshe Sheje Shajon Radhika...!!

Krishno'r Preme'r premik Jara..
Nache Gaye Khele Tara..
Kulo Maner Voy Rakhe Na..
Lolita r Bishukai...
Moyur Beshe Sheje Shajon Radhika...!!
Image Code: 02-034...

(Wednesday, March 17, 2004)

Aktu Adhtu Bhul Hote pare, Sorry ...
thankS...Image Code: 16-001...

(Thursday, March 18, 2004)

right now aai ganta bd te shob chaite favorite..thx for the lyrics cross

(Thursday, March 18, 2004)

jus wat i was looking 4-Thnx bhayyamoniImage Code: 06-017
and erm thnx 2 nam nai

(Saturday, March 20, 2004)

:D:D Viru da..

Image Code: 06-013...bokapuu

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