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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 15, 2004
From: Deeppurple
19'th Mars At Boomers. Great Get together.

All B2K people are invited to join the get together party at 19th. It will be a sunny hot friday and we wish to meet at B2K place(Beside the Anam Rangs Plaza, right side of first entry at the Dhanmondi lake), just after the Jumma, which is 2:30 sharp. Any one can come without any hegitation. We wish to have some of our very much popular people in real that day and have a great chat. After that we are willing to have our lunch in the Boomers. Any one, who wish to come after lunch can have light snacks there too. It will be better to let us know before you come. We wish to have a nice meeting that day and hoping of the greater get together. You can ask or call admins for further information. And if there is known B2K people arround you, please let them know about it and try your best to make them join.
For further Information or inquary please contact:
Sb bhai : 018270209
Jubok bhai: 018869183
Pritom : 9560374
Happy : 018132853
and 0171582605
or u can talk to them directly if u wish. Thanking all, Bye.

People Discussion
(Monday, March 15, 2004)

I hope my flight lands in time
Ami kintuk Bangladesh Bayman Airlines er flight niye aschi!

(Monday, March 15, 2004)

U can call also Fardin at actel regular at 018263899 instead of Pritom. haha

(Monday, March 15, 2004)

Cuty Welcome to Bangladesh and Get together party in 19th. Think we will see our picchi apu acting big role there by her cool words.

(Monday, March 15, 2004)

...Image Code: 16-001....

(Tuesday, March 16, 2004)

Colos da, amne kise ashen? Helicopcop e, naki Lolichopchop, naki she pelen, na Gra..
Pix. ?? Kise ashen somossa nei time moto ashlei hobe bhai.

(Tuesday, March 16, 2004)

hihi eita ki korla ???? abaro arekta problem dayte date falaila deepu pagla ? oidinto amar abar shoshurer birthday....

(Tuesday, March 16, 2004)

Mona darling, tomar sosurer birthday to ki hoeche, amio to thakbo okhane. Tarpor chole ashbo furut kore rickshai. Othoba, ekhane dating sere tarpor na hoi jabo eksathe, ki bolo lisa? Aste tomake hobei 2:30 theke 3 er moddhe, se jebhabei hok!

(Tuesday, March 16, 2004)

amio aste pari

(Tuesday, March 16, 2004)

Wish i was there re deep bro

(Tuesday, March 16, 2004)

Asma apu, bolo ashboi Inshallah! And Gem, we will miss u a lot. Thanks all.

(Thursday, March 18, 2004)

wow i will join the party( i will try my level best) ..

see u all my unseen buddy....


(Friday, March 19, 2004)

Thanks to those who has makw mish to come or for our better. Bye.

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