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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 15, 2004
From: pahari-jubok
~~~B2k'er Sathe Prem~~~

KEw Preme Pore
KEw Prem Kore
Amer Hoyece Konta
Jane Na Ai Monta

KEw vul Kore
KEw vul'e Pore
Amer Hoyece Konta
Jane Na Ai Monta

KEw Caht Kore
KEw B2k'er Preme Pore
B2k'er Ki hoyece
Jane Na Ai Monta

KEw Friendship Kore
KEw Biye Kore
Amer Hoyece Konta
Jane na Ai Monta

People Discussion
(Monday, March 15, 2004)


(Monday, March 15, 2004)

apni to dekhi bhaia bhaloi parody (remix) korte paren... ektu creativity tai koi jon e parey....

(Monday, March 15, 2004)

Biye r Frbdship loiya-o Conpused?

(Monday, March 15, 2004)

Jubok bhai apni gone already bro, khek khek! I mean apni ekhono bhalo achen, prem porar ki dorkar? jodi hat pa bhange, mathao to fat te pare ! So get out of it bro, its really dangerous.

(Monday, March 15, 2004)

Bechari Pahari ..
Nai much Dari ..

(Monday, March 15, 2004)

Image Code: 13-003 Kire pahairaaa Ujbok,
Bechalor re ki B2Klor banai dili...
Image Code: 13-003...

(Monday, March 15, 2004)

aapni to pahari JUBOK....tai apna'r shathe Friedship-i hoyechhe shudhu...
........aapni pahari JUBOTI hoten....Then...aami-i biya koira falaitam

(Wednesday, March 17, 2004)

Oiiiiii Police dakmu naki????

(Wednesday, March 17, 2004)

cross bro n rahol

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