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Wednesday, June 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2004
From: -koli-

Are u guys wanna know the meaning of ur name(real)?

check this out:

search over there....enjoy

People Discussion
(Wednesday, March 10, 2004)

wow this is fine koli....ok i will find the meaning of ur name at first


(Wednesday, March 10, 2004)

Mundo..khuje paina!

GF achish kemon??onekdin tor sathe kotha hoina!! did u get my msg?? bak korish na ken???

(Wednesday, March 10, 2004)

Hayy Koli ..
Tor name meaning to ami dea dichi tai na .. (Bengai)

Kemon achis ??

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, March 10, 2004)

Amaar to dharona chhilo Koli maney ja shompurnorupe proshfutito hoy ni.....jemon Mahmood Koli...shaara jibon ovinoy korey-o ovinoy proshfutito holo na, onkure-e roye gelo!!

(Thursday, March 11, 2004)

hey monitor....koli is not my real name
the meaning of ma real name is Exclusive, Unique

didnt know zami is ur name...

(Thursday, March 11, 2004)

tor mondu re gff...khuje na pabar ki achey...well jodi tor naam muslim naam na hoye thake ...tahole pabi na.

GF..ami achi amar moto(u know).oi oi onek din kothai...matro to mone hoi 4 din o hoi ni kotha hoyechey?....amake ke ki khub miss korchis??..tor msg peyechi..n thanx re gf....kintu janish..ei koi din ami dourer upor achi re...sorry sms back korte pari kemon achis janeman....mere gfImage Code: 06-017

(Thursday, March 11, 2004)

rony salman..mahmood koli ke jani na.....kintu u know waht..opushfito thakar majhey o ekta anondo achey.....koli or phool joto din sojib thake toto din i tar frangrence thake ...jhore gele to jhorei gelo...tar shundorjo r thake na

(Thursday, March 11, 2004)

hmm ur zami.....thanx god ontor zami nou

(Thursday, March 11, 2004)

Oi ghatiya image amar sathe marbina bollam naa??
Amar naam bodhhoy muslim naa! Az porjonto kothao 'shormy' nick er meaning jante parini!

(Thursday, March 11, 2004)

koun ghatiya?..ghatiya hoga tere shashur jee...tere shashuri jee..tere iyeee...main nehi

hmm..ok ami shormy namer meaning ber lafalafi

(Thursday, March 11, 2004)

hey drum bhaiya(rahol)....ami bhalo achi kemon achis?...tor mondu ami haturi diye guro korbo bengai bolle...sei powder ami tor bou ke dibo makeup hisebe use korar jonno

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