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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004
From: Rahol
How Can a Student .. .. .. ..

HOW CAN STUDENT PASS IN EXAMS with brilliant result?? It's not the fault of the student if he fails, because the year has 'ONLY 365' days.
Cholen daki how does a stu spend 365 days of the year ..


52 Fridays in a year, which are rest days for everybody.
Baki Thaklo 313 (=365-52) days.

Summer holidays
50 days where weather is very hot and not suitable for study.
Baki thaklo 263 (=313-263) days.

At least 35 days per year goes for Examination.
Baki thaklo 228 (=263-35) days.

Every people has to sleep at night . A Student must sleep for 8 hours daily. So 122 days for sleeping in a year.
Baki thaklo 106(=228-122) days.

Students should play regularly at least 1 hour in a day in order to maintain a sound body with a sound mind, which helps him to read in a balanced mood. So, 15 days goes in a year.
Baki thaklo 91(=106-15) days.

By default, a student has to eat daily for 3 times (at least). So, taking 0.5 hours=(30 minutes) each time he kills 1.5 hours per day which means 16 days.
Baki thaklo 75(=91-16) days.

Taking Bath
Everybody takes bath, so why shouldn't the students? 0.5 hour (=30 minutes) per day ==> 8 days in a year.
Baki thaklo 7(=75-8) days.

As a human being a student has to talk with his others such as parents, teachers, friends, kin & kin etc. 2 hour for talking per day==> 30 days in a year.
Baki thaklo 37 (=67-30) days.

At least 5 days.
Baki thaklo 32 days. (=37-5) days.

Tankying (chat)
I think 5 days is enough for chatting.

Extra purpose
As a human being, a student has to participate in several kinds of ceremonies such as Birthday, Deathday (!), Chinese/ Japanese/ American/ Bangali parties, marriage ceremonies etc. Do you think 5 days are enough for this purpose?
Baki thaklo 22 (=32-10) days.

Thinking of Fu tu ri (future)
As a future citizen/ family member a student should make his own plans for future. Is it
enough to kill 1.5 hours each day==>21 days per year?
Baki thaklo 1(=22-21) days.

Hey that remaining day is Birthday of the student. I forget it!!!!! I got to go there now!
Okid Bye..

"So how can a student .........??????????"

People Discussion
(Friday, March 05, 2004)

Doing all this things a student still pass in exam!!!! Isn't it unbelievable?

(Friday, March 05, 2004)

amar ek jon er kotha mone porse...... sha hoilo ga "adu-bibi"

(Saturday, March 06, 2004)


(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

good work....hmm you are damm rite.

(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

....hmm drum ki age thekei explain korchey keno o golla dibe this year

(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

nice one Rahol

(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

Yaa Lotop

Adu Bibi ke ?? :S .. SB

Sswamje Boss always right ..

(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

Explain kore bolchi je tor moto ami Dim kai na Bangai (koli) ..

Tankuish Virus

(Monday, March 08, 2004)

bondhu, shara jibon ki ei bhab e pora shona koreso naki....hahahahahah...

(Tuesday, March 09, 2004)

Chinta kore dak Ami koto Valo stu chilam .. ..

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