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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, March 03, 2004
From: Rupu
"LoVe" N "hAtE"

I love I love the idea of being in love, that warm fuzzy feeling inside of u...thinking of the sweet memories...the tears of's all sweet.It's been a long time since i felt that way.Life is too short to play the lost game.Prem pobitro...A real romantic will never give up in love...never stop loving or living...if u missed ur chance then wait...this is not the end...pokkriti tomar kono ashai opurno rakhe na...i believe if something or someone is meant for u than it'll happene.Allah works in mysterious ways.LOVE doesnt have to be just for lovers...i love no one more than my sweetie pie daddy, my stupid brother, my "" mum “my self. AND “TUMI” also my soo truthful friends who are not scared to let me know, what they are thinking.Cant live without music, love ocean...water. Brishti veja shobuj bagan, quiet sunsets, being lost in nature. LOVE sleeping...i'm addicted to it, bondhuder shathe hoi choi...goin crazy.(jodio temon korte pari na) Loove to experience new stuff, new food...anything different, anything new!!!! love fuchka, love to travel around the world. love to live in peace.
and hate HATE the idea that i cant swim, that the world will still go on when we wont be here, that we cant go back in time to change anything. Hate the idea of not being able to do anything to change Bangladesh.Hate Snakes, lizards and anything slimy. And TELAPOKA Hate kutnami and gossips.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

oh one more thing need to be edit, LOVE to spend ma time with "tumi"

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

i hate telapoka too

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

ghrina kori manoosher hingsha-biddesh, maramari-hanahani, manoosher ku probritigulo n Bd. politicians.
valobashi valo manooshder, prokriti r music

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

Hate kutanami and gossips!! That's something the species from Mars can say, that never fits to a species from Venus!! But of course I did believe you when you said that.....

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

hmmmm BD'r politics Grini kori, joghonno,

Bhalobashi Maa k BABA k, Bon k, r Gulehcha Begum k Image Code: 06-010..
Bhalobashi Bangla k, Bangladesh k, Bangla'r Gan k... Image Code: 16-001..

Toke Tiktik'r baccha like kori (so carefull )....
Hate Telapoka, but ssc r hsc te ai Telapoka e amar Experiment ar subject chilo, otar nari-bhuri'r test amar EXAM a valo point diyechilo...

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)


(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

Telapoka ..
Telapuka ke dakle buji nijer chea boro mone hoi ?? ..

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