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Sunday, September 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2004
From: ---aragon---

are ur parents giving enough guidance to u? are u too comfortable talking to ur parents? Discuss about these and other questions about parents....

plz share

People Discussion
(Tuesday, March 02, 2004)

bhujte parchina rage ,dukhkhe na obhimane ei posting diyecho,na
keboli koutuhol boshoto, tumi ta jano.

bosthuto adhunik progotishil parentsra tader shontander sorbantik unnotikolpe etoi
socheton je tara
nijerai manoshik
bhabe akranto hoye jaan,kono kono obhibhabok tader shamorther baire ese sontander sundor bhobisshoter jatrapoth sugom kore den nijera kichui bhob korenna,

sutorang tomar posting howa uchith emon ,


Rony Salman
(Tuesday, March 02, 2004)

Aragon, when we are talking about folk's guidance to shape up a kid's life, the first thing one would ponder will be the area of guidance we are talking here. If it is about the guidance for making a good career, a Bangladeshi parents certainly would put pressure on the kid to see the boy/girl giving a 100% (or more) effort to their studies, and the guidance is more precise (means more pressure, ask me) if the folks are professionals (Doc, Engr, etc.). Now the guidance takes a different form if they are raising kids in a foreign country, they take more care in seeing the kid not getting used to foreign norms and customs which are contrary to Bangladeshi beliefs and they are very much particular about it to impose them on their daughters rather than sons and the career becomes a 2nd priority in those cases!

Rony Salman
(Tuesday, March 02, 2004)

And regarding helps and advices in making relations, Bangladeshi folks never approve it unless the bf/gf is their own choice or the folks themselves are raised in a western country! I myself am very free with my folks and talk about politics, movies, music, sports, my career and what not, but I always shun away from discussing anything that relates to a relation with a girl and they never too bring up such matter whatsoever!!!!

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

thanks for something diff....
are ur parents giving enough guidence to u?
jokhon kono kichhu korte jai tokhon sorbo porthom tader chehara vese uthe chokher samne.tai tader sathe alochona kore e sob kori.amar mone hoi tara sob somoy shadow hisabe it guidence? i dunno.
yep...i'm fully comfortable with my mom and dad.....specially i talk a lot with my dad..such as politics,relagious and a lots of things.and he is the one who is my ideal...............
actually topicta khub ekta clear na..karon apni nije apnar parents somporke kichhu bolen ni. bolle subhidha hoto likhte...anyway thanks again.

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

nice observations Rony Salman

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

no dis problem is not actually mine…. m talking in generally yas some time i feel interrupted ...when itz getz over... meant the guidance .....
ya kno teenagers experience some shocking moment with their parents parents thing their boyz or girls gone spoiled ......i don thing so ......and we often dont talk to our parents ...becoz we scare...

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

wow Oli Bhai thts g8 comment. I support it,just we've to know bout our parent, they r flaxible also they can be doing any more creating with us. On the other hand, as i know sentimental creation is, when this option we'll avoid then we can see any others stage.

-aragon- Bro.....abbay ki bokce na ammay boro bhai.....ta kintu koila na.....obosso dearling hoy koite paro...good suggest chilo..... thxs for tht mess....

(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, March 03, 2004)

Thanks Sb. Pahari Jubok er 'sentimental creation is bed (on bed?)' ta bujhlaam na.......

(Thursday, March 04, 2004)

picci cele^^ogulo bujer akono age hoy nai

(Thursday, March 04, 2004)

hmm....i guess kiddo dont asked for any advise...but asked to share right?.....

i am damn free with ma parents.....they r always there where i need them.....ami onek jedi.....r amar bhaiya apu der cheye ektu beshi-i..tai boka tao beshi khai.....r eki karone amake niye beshi worried thaken tara.....but they know what ever i do...i wont do anything parenst r da bestttt!!!!.....i love ma abbu ammu

(Thursday, March 04, 2004)

rite ya r koli ja

(Thursday, March 04, 2004)

Correction>>>there should be think as i used thing ....

Rony Salman
(Thursday, March 04, 2004)

Pahari, amaar OOGULO bojhaar boyosh houk baa na houk, tomaar j EEGULO (ekhaankaar mool aalochito bishoy) bojhaar boyosh hoy ni, taa besh bujhtey paarchhi!!Nothing personal bro....

(Thursday, March 04, 2004)

(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

My mom is giving me enough guidance in my life and I am very much free with her and talk about mostly everything what is happening in my life

(Saturday, March 06, 2004)

etto serious topic hothath aragon
jai hok..tomar khbr kiiiii miyaa etto bochor koi chila tumi kono contact nai ken tomar??
anyways take care kiddo

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