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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, February 27, 2004
From: !!!!!!
Reply to story abt a wonder boy, posted on 18th nov ‘03

Hhmm onek ager posting, but ami aajee porlam..
You told us how much you loved her, but never told us why she isn’t with you.
Tumi bolecho, “has she ever occurred to her dat even in death he seek off her?")nnnnnn shadows in the mirror to tell me who it is? let him know his fortune orrrrrr misfortune. 'caz he is slowly poisonin' himself with pessimism, pocha meye.................. “, but why, have you ever given her a chance to tell you something,
Love isn’t the answer to everything, and sometimes amra jake khub beshi chai, je amader poripurno kore, takei paina, and ama opurno theke jai....but na paoyar mane to bhalobashar shomapti noi..
Bhalobashar shashe resect ta o onek proyojon..and if you love her and respect her then don’t you think that she deserved to hear something from you. B2k er shobar jonno aie golpota likte parle..but tar ekta prosner uttor dite parle na…
Kokhono tar dorjar opashe uki diye dekhecho..she kemon ache.. kokhono pashe boshe ask korecile..she ki chai......

People Discussion
(Friday, February 27, 2004)

Rohoshsho rohoshsho lagtase..
Oy subjectwala bulletinto shybal bhir selo Apne k <!!!!!!>..

(Friday, February 27, 2004)

Keywords: Respect -> Love-> deserving->:?

Anyway, i am supporting this concequences, cos' i am the true reflection of tht.

I do love my Fience', she went away (died). I had never touched her, or to say love her infront of her.

And, the last portion, Until u want,u won't...
Tht's it..


(Saturday, February 28, 2004)

tar proshner uttar kivabe dibe?karon sobar kachhe to se bolechhe je pocha meye bolte keu nei...ota kolpona..poroyon porle take gift pathano jai ...tobe kangal valoo kore e jane je,se ki chai?thanks pocha atleast you talk like the way it is.......abong pocha tumi aaro khushi hobe jodi abar keu eirokom aaro kono nam tomake upahar dei.

(Saturday, February 28, 2004)

aai ouch tui beshi kotha bolis.ektu chup thak.

(Saturday, February 28, 2004)

Apne k sokall atoh kissymissy delan..
Ame sodo shybal bhir shaler kissy chay Annoh karo na..
Apner kathate o mone hoytase apneh sobjanta gotrer kew lolz..
Ame bozena apneh sokall & sobjantar motoh manosra akjoner pesoneh attha khappah kano..
Ar zode apnader biraler moto sobab na hoy tayle jana nik e reply den za amra jane..
Opodarto manosra sodoh tel k tal koreh..

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